Alternative network - currently using StartApp

Hello fellow developers,

Currently I am monetizing my apps with StartApp, while my apps generate +140k impressions per month, I get like 0.5-6 eCPM, and the traffic is mostly from Philippines and Russian, any chance I get better results with other networks, any experience and opinion will be welcomed!

You have to tell us first which AD placements you use to get 0.5-0.6 eCPM.
Interstitial Ads usually have a lot higher eCPM than Banners for example. Also Interstitial Ads eCPM will vary a lot depending on the time/place you show them.

Anyway in general, if you want to keep using CPI networks, you could try AppNext.

Try AdtoApp

Hello, ping me for Russian traffic, we might reach better results, added with 100% fillrate you’ll definitely will stay happy with us.

Adtoapp representatives disappeared when someone discovered that their logo trademark belongs to appodeal.
And guess what, appodeal also disappeared and do not respond anymore.

I do not trust either. If you really want to recommend it to a guy asking for sincere recommendations then you need to back it up with some revenue reports and your own opinion.

Appodeal is not affiliated with Adtoapp.
Appodeal continues to thrive, our support is available 24x7 on our website through online chat.