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Hi Guys,

MMWA is a great place for us and it’s really necessary for developers to have some forums to talk. However, as you observed lots of spammers came here due to lack of moderation.
I thought it might be good to have a fast, fresh and moderated forum.

I tried to make it more like here with some changes. There will be no strict rules but some to keep scammers/spammers away.

I want to invite all of you.
Let’s build it together…

EMWA! - Android - Index

Everyone have forum, have and me :smiley: oO
my: - Index page

It would be better if we aware of each other’s work :slight_smile: Wish you good luck and come and join my forum too :rolleyes:

Yes everyone is posting forums since,I thlught of it but my forum has been around for a year and has traffic. You can promote your games and apps plus get excellent information on marketing for developers. The goal is to be most helpful to all developers I have excellent marketing and game design videos plus 2 huge post dealing with how to market your games.

yes pixel, your forum would be nice but it’s freaking forumotion(slow, ads and they can disable it everytime), so I think that Akhadian and my forums are better.

What about getting all forums into one place ? I think only one forum is sufficient for our community. Just need some requirements such as is fast, reliable server with a domain name and moderation. Content is important too. However, most of information lost it’s up to dateness in very short time. Thanks to google we need to update all marketing and promotion strategies in every 2-3 months.

Ill not delete my, even it will not be popular in this year, ill left it online to natural grow. I invested into not common domain, server and layout from themeforest so I can’t just disable it :smiley:

BTW. it’s not only for our community, also for iOS, windows store and rimstore, my forum will expand soon with new categories. Android in the first place ofcourse but there is nonsense to create only android. Many developers are using multiple platforms.



  1. My forum does no load slow, so your just making that up.
  2. The only AD you see is small and out of the way.
  3. My forum has information already and 1500+ members if it sucked no one would have joined.

You need to stop the habit of bashing people to the point of not making any sense. You can’t ask people to join your forum if you going to attack a forum that has excellent information on marketing and 1000’s of android related threads.

I spend some money too :slight_smile:
Hope both of us reach our goals, then.

I not attacked forum! Just attacked forumotion service what is poor and thanks that, you have ads, forumotion can kill it everytime and it’s ugly. Maybe your content is good, it’s also important.
Read pixel with understanding before reply :wink: I like good content but not like phpbb2 standard style on something like forumotion :wink:

I like Pixelpower’s forum. It has really good content but just didn’t like the way it looks. At least people have choices :slight_smile:

The good part is if we all have great forums that bring not just developers but gamers in , we can take back control of googleplay store. More android users will start going to our forums, seeing our apps, and giving us more downloads. Add to that droidgenie has a mobilemarketplace call m9apps that has grown and in a year we wont need googleplay.

Let the forums owners batlle begin! Here’s my opinion guys, hope it helps :

For ramzixp : (Theme, Design) : 7.5/10 … Content (5/10) you already made categories …etc, but forum still new so no content no rating

  • I don’t like your theme very well, no logo, no colors, since you are on self hosted, you can find better themes I guess
  • I don’t like the domain name (.center) as .com is the perfect one

For Akhadian (Theme, Design) : 10/10 … Content (5/10) ; you already made categories …etc, but forum still new so no content no rating
-Theme and colors are just PERFECT! and the logo is super! nice job done here, however you can even make it more better :slight_smile:

  • you shouldn’t use subdomain I guess, i believe you should focus on the forum and use the main domain! is perfect
  • i don’t like the “EMWA” thing, its not really cool

For Pixelpower (Theme, Design) : 1/10 … Content (10/10) ; SUPER CONTENT!

  • The theme is horrible
  • the forum is not self hosted I guess
  • domain name too long, and has forumotion, not cool at all! sounds not professional
  • there should be more categoris :smiley:

Guys! i’m just giving my opinions so you can improve your forums, so no hate please, aand you really should invest on the forum, it good for us, to change techniues and knowledge and for you too!
Investement = more visitors and traffic = ad networks are going to be glad if you put their banner for $$$$ ( believe me )

Native Mobile app is required to browse firum

Lol that’s never gonna happen Just having some great forums and a website like m9apps you can’t take back control from play store

There will be simple logo (max 20kb) on my but I will not change colors for now. The main task is: “simple, fast and stable”. Any additional images = long loading time. You can see it here, david on MMWA using cloudfire and traffic is so big, spam, images and server have EVERYDAY 15-30 minutes downtime. Even if he is using vbulletin, performance here is horrible.
Content is a king, with this style and knowledge, forum is enough. Maybe in the future Ill change colorset.

…and also i really like @Akhadian forums but he shouldn’t copy MMWA categories :wink:

@Pixelpower - I’ve had experience with hosts like forumotion and I would never use a forum hosted like that, I even worked for a company that hosted forums (the code was a total mess by the way). Sooner or later is becomes a problem and you can’t move. @ramzixp - with your captcha expect at least 10 bots per day registering. At least that was the case with all phpbb forums I’ve hosted. And a small logo might be kept in CSS (base64), I used to on my site and it had record loading time (since there was very little files to load and the CSS was cached by the browser anyway).

The good part is if we all have great forums that bring not just developers but gamers in , we can take back control of googleplay store. More android users will start going to our forums, seeing our apps, and giving us more downloads.

To be honest I don’t want gamers on a forum about making money on them. :smiley:

And if we can’t agree on one forum, it would be best for David to get back and give someone calm and sane moderator rights here.

The problem is that david not responding to any contact :slight_smile:

Captcha will be changed but as you know, phpbb requires manualy adding plugins.

Thanks @Peatrex . Actually I don’t like EMWA thing too. I removed it. But I wanna build a blog too. That’s why I placed this forum inta a subdomain.
If you have any other ideas I would like to hear them.