Alternative for Airpush Bundle 2

Hello guys

As you may know Airpush killed Bundle 2 after they reduced their rate 10x and it was a good run after I brought them more than 2.6 million unique installs outside of the Google Play.
So now I’m looking for a new home for my app
Not sure if I should go back to Admob or try an other PPD network

any suggestions ?

They Killed Bundle1 too look at new email

To be paid for Bundle1 User must have $100 eCPM rates on the ad units to get the AO1 Addon bonuses.

Earn $.02 (US) and $.002 (International) per install + industry leading CPM revenue.

All 360 Banner and 360 Interstitial (Smartwall) Ad Units must be enabled and showing impressions in the portal.
You must use the latest SDK version.
You must generate a minimum of $100 in CPM earnings to qualify for the per install bonus.

Earn $.03 (US) and $.005 (International) per install.

All Ad Units must be enabled, including Push, Icon, All 360, All 360 Interstitial. All units must show impressions.
You must use the latest SDK version.
You must generate a minimum of 1,000 impressions per month for each app to qualify for the per install bonus.


Appflood $8.00 per 1000 installs plus ad revenue
Admob has been real good for me
Appodeal has been great
Startapp works good on 3rd party.

I will be switching to Startapp and Appodeal with Avocarrot mix

This company had gone down the gutter, first they stole thousands of dev’s money changing policies and now they dropped down there rates. Move on guys airpush is history.

I switched today to Airpush Standard SDK , and after 60k sessions today I’m still at 4 dollars.
This is really frustrating, I think I’ll abandon the network completely and go with something new
still looking for a PPD Network

what about using universal sdk.As u can earn from push and icon too…

I think they don’t have that anymore

they have .U can ask support for this

Appodeal, Avocarrot and Appflood not available in
would be good if admin could add unity ads in