Alternate to Mobilecore SDK

Since mobilecore is shutting down there SDK i am looking for some other alternate ad network’s similar to Mobilecore in term’s of payments and fillrate. I noticed many people in this forum’s are using mobilecore.

Please suggest me which ad network is better to move.


Today I changed my exit interstitials in my app with Appnext.
The first day didn’t go so well , I guess because they don’t have many campaigns in my targeted area (middle east and some european countries) so a lot of my users get a link to item not available instead of taking them to the playstore.
I had an eCPM of 0.51$ for 25,000 exit interstitial that were shown which resulted around 13 dollars.
I’m not sure if I should push the update to all of my users or wait till I find a better network.

Have you tried before mobilecore for the exit ad’s. What eCPM you use to get for the same number of impressions from mobilecore. I just want to compare it with AppNext.
If AppNext deliver the same result as mobilecore does. Then i can go for that.

PM me or add me to Skype so we can check your account and see if we can improve your results.

I will try you guys out if you ever add in banner ads. I like to use just a single ad network for my apps instead of multiples. Also Super Sonic ads is out for me since all apps must be on Google in order to serve live ads I mostly publish to 3rd party stores.

Why not create banner ads through our native ads SDK?

hello how about AppNext Interstitial ads CPM in your app in middle east, i have app target middel east country you suggest use appnext ?