Alphagravel: Guaranteed ECPM, Revenue Maximization, Intelligent Mediation, One SDK

Alphagravel, an intelligent mediation and revenue maximization solution for developers

Finally, a ‘developer-friendly’ Mobile Revenue Maximization Solution

Alphagravel is an intelligent mobile mediation and revenue maximization platform. Developers can get a stable income with a guaranteed minimum ECPM, regular payments, and automated access to vast media sources via a simple SDK.

The Alphagravel platform is engineered to leverage real-time big data predictive analytics and Machine Learning algorithms to learn the true price of your mobile inventory, routing the highest paying advertising content to your mobile app and offering you a guaranteed minimum ECPM in the process. With one SDK, every developer on the alphagravel platform gets intelligent automated mediation, price transparency, algorithmic smart routing, dynamic waterfalling, conversion optimization, automated fraud detection, and a consolidated view of mobile advertising spend across 195 countries in every second of the day. Our Alpha-copTM algorithm ensures that non-performing networks are black-listed and removed in real-time.

The alphagravel SDK serves as a gateway to multiple advertising networks, ad exchanges and ever growing new media sources. Integrate the alphagravel SDK once, set your guaranteed minimum expected ECPM and forget about releasing new code into production just to add new ad networks.

Want to give it a try ? Integrate the Alphagravel SDK here.



Hi Alphagravel Team,

This sounds interesting! Will check it out and get back you!

Do we have to have accounts on all these networks or you can handle this ?

Hi Pharaoh,

Good question. We will handle this. You do not need to setup individual accounts. That’s part of our ‘value-add’. Thank you.


What is the minimum eCPM that you guarantee (for interstitials) ?

I tried to register and it looks like you can set the minimum eCPM from 0$ to 2$
The main problem to me is that you need to integrate many Mb of SDK

Sound interesting! Really good you have included mobilecore. I will surely try this. Is guaranteed eCPM for all countries?

unable to add app keeps saying invalid bundle id. I know the package name is correct for my app. I even tried package names of apps live on my google play still a no go

Looks good. but, seems like the app should be live in Google Play. My apps are live in 3rd party appstores, we can still use your network?
and what ad format do you support?

I was frustrated with the fact that you need your app to be live on the playstore. Anyway, I tried to put the bundle id of the app live on PS, and the app was then added to the dashboard successfully. @DroidGenie you should try again.

One more thing, the ad loading speed seems to be slower than other ad network.

What are their payment options? I saw only Paypal :frowning:
Paypal is a big disaster for many devs. It would be great if they can provide Payooner or Wire Transer

Thanks for your great comments.
Regarding Third-Party Networks…

  • We can add online support for third-party markets in our next release. In the mean-time if you want to add your third-party apps, there’s no problem at all, just email us ([email protected]) with the app names and links and we can add all the apps to back-end in the meantime. This way you can get going ASAP.

Regarding Payment methods and Paypal only…

  • We support paypal as our primary payment option. However if you want a bank transfer that should not be an issue at all, just send us an email with your wire transfer details. And of course when you want to request payment note this and we will do a wire transfer for you. Note however that you will bear all transaction costs regarding the wire transfer from our bank (in the US) to your bank anywhere in the world. Thanks.


Hi Matt,
Can I request for Payoneer? That would be great! And all the devs out there in the world can conveniently receive the payment.

Your request for adding Payoneer has been noted. Are there many developers out there using Payoneer ? Just curious as to how many developers are actually using this mode of payment as we haven’t received requests for this. Thanks.


Actually, there are a lot. Most developers are facing an issue that they cannot receive money from Paypal because they are in a country where Paypal functions are limited.

If your company are based in US, I think you can send money to dev via ACH method which is also supported by Payoneer. So all devs around the world will be able to use your service and easily get paid.

Companies like Airpush, leadbolt, Mopub,…etc also provide this payment option :slight_smile:

Point noted. We’d make sure we work on providing this functionality. Thanks.


FYI, Alphagravel is willing to help with integration of your apps if any of you have issues. We can devote our developers to giving you dedicated integration help.

Sound interesting! I will definitely try this.

Appreciate the dedicated team

Your value added task is very good, I appreciate it

Good news guys, two exciting updates:
(i) We are already working on an SDK for third party markets. Feel free to PM me your details if you want to be contacted once it’s out.
(ii) We are working on rolling out a version of our current SDK without Mopub…so you don’t have to remove your current Mopub account if you don’t want to.
More interesting updates coming :slight_smile: