All-In-One Android Plugin for Unity3D - Developer Tool!

Hey folks,

We’ve been working on a plugin for Unity Android developers. After a successful closed beta, we’re now moving forward to our open beta.

Download link :

Please note that this plugin is still in beta, and there will be bugs present. You are free to use this plugin in your projects (hobby, commercial or otherwise) AT YOUR OWN RISK.

We will be putting this up on the Unity Asset Store soon, so we’d love to hear from you.


::A Must-Have-Unity-Plugin for all your Unity Android Projects::
This plugin contains Social Media, In-app Billing,
Ad providers and a whole lot more!

Social Media
In App Billing
Google Play Game Services - Achievements & Leaderboards.
Ad Providers
Native Alerts

::Stay tuned for these coming additions::
Google Play Game services - Realtime, turnbased multiplayer. Quests & Events
More Ad Providers
Media Player
Voice Recorder
File Explorer
Google Maps

::Features on request::

You can get your copy of AxSAndroidPlugin here

For any support or queries regarding AxSU3D please visit our forums at AxsU3d Forum ? Index page

You can email your suggestions about AxSU3D at [email protected]

API documentation ? Useful Links

We’ve made this plugin as easy to use as possible. Just download the unitypackage,
import into a project and go through the demo scenes. We also have a bunch of tutorials
for each module here ? Tutorials

Axiom Studios is an independent Game Development studio from India.
We specialize in mobile platforms, and we’re making plugins to help
developers an easy way to add native functionality to their games.