All Airpush ads not working

So airpush has been pushing their new 360 ads to all developers since last 15 days but it seems their old issue started to pop up. Currently there are no banner ads or smartwalls including 360 ads are serving in any of my app.

I believe it’s just network wide. Their 360 ads are also down for over 3 days now. Their support is responsive but doesn’t take any action for like days/weeks.

Not sure what’s going on but my guess is they lost the advertisers. Seems like 360 ads was just a storm that’s over now.

Works great for me, smartwalls show up on all my apps.

Smartwall is working now but banners are still dead

Hi Intergig,

I am sorry to hear that you have been experiencing this issue with the 360 ads.
Can you PM me your Airpush email address, a summary of what you sent support, and I will personally investigate.

Airpush Nick