Aladin DM - The Fastest and Powerful Advanced Download Manager

Hi Guys This is my new app and I am very excited to share the app with all you guys.
:D:D:D Hope You Enjoy This App :

Aladin DM is a download app that will enable you to download any available content on the Internet to your device. In contrast to other download manager apps, Aladin DM’s biggest benefit is that it’s optimized for any kind of network, including 2G, 3G, and 4G. In addition, it’s compatible with all kinds of files: APK, MP4, MP3, ZIP, PDF, or any other kind of file you might need to use.

Aladin DM’s interface was designed so that less-experienced users could use it without needing complex configurations. It’s so intuitive that it doesn’t require any previous experience with similar apps. Every button displayed on the screen is there to make downloading easier for you. To begin, just copy the link with the file and paste it in Aladin DM’s interface, clicking on the ‘+’ icon. If your link doesn’t have a very clear name, you’ll be able to insert a title to recognize the file more easily.

One of the app’s newer benefits is that now you’ll be able to download up to three files simultaneously as well as create a download queue of up to 12 items. You’ll be able to pause, restart, or delete any item you don’t need anymore from the list itself. That way, you can keep the queue simpler and the app can keep working at high speed.

Another of its benefits is that Aladin DM is optimized to work with large files, and can support files of up to 3GB with no problems. In addition to all these upgrades, features for more experienced users have been included, like the possibility of changing the download route while the file is still downloading, as well as an algorithm that will tell you how to organize the items in your list to download everything faster.

With all these upgrades and many more, Aladin DM will make your life easier by helping you get all those files you need stored to your device.