Airpush steal my money after 3 years of cooperation... AIRPUSH SCAM

I write this thread to aware you, friends, that Airpush is not paying! Look at my screens at the bottom. They paid me only 1/2 of my earnings and now they are not responding on tickets/acc manager has everything in her ass. I thought that they will be a bankrupt after push notifications was blocked by Google, but they survived… But now they have TOO MUCH people in company and they don’t have cash to pay people. I aware you to wait with their SDK integration for some time until they will clean this up.

I know that someone can say that this is not much money - but I’m with them since my beginning and they should treat old devs with respect…
They didn’t respond on my ticket a month ago, and now when second payment was cutted off - I decided to do sth with it!


Screens with better quality:

Hi. We have not stolen any money and are not a scam. We pay our developers who are legitimate. We have not run out of money or anything. These are absurd claims.
I have spoken with your account manager and he has sent you emails, but you are not checking them and not responding to them. He is writing an email to you now. Please check and be in contact with him. Thanks!

Airpush Nick

Dude the earnings are correct, airpush had a bug for half the month which showed double earnings but it wasnt double earnings.

We determined the issue. You have multiple account and did not specific which one. Your account manager Gerard for your Nev email address will be able to assist.
There was no scam here, just confusion due to the multiple accounts and no clarification. I would appreciate updating your previous posts to show that.