AirPush smartwall problems?

Anybody observed that Smartwalls stats in Airpush are lowered very much since 12-18 hours?

I’ve the same problem!!!

I am having the exact same problem.
On advertising campaign that I ran in Airpush also spending 80% lower than usual (smart wall campaigns : app wall and advanced overlay), this happened from yesterday until now.
I’ve tried jacking up bids unrealistically high and even running few test campaigns on another accounts, but they still won’t spend more than just few bucks.

Yeah…for 2 days mine did that…seems to be back to normal now though.

i’ve still the same problem. I think that Airpush is the number one but I’m beginning to worry.

Their smartwall is down. Try testing it in your app. When the smartwall loads, it is showing an error, 404 Nginx. Million dollar company can’t keep their servers up.

Its unbelievable how they dont care about their infrastructure. Anyways, they are busy eating their turkeys while you lose your revenue