Airpush Smartwall - Dialog vs Landing Page vs App Wall


As most of us have implemented the flagship ads of Airpush, I was wondering:

  1. What exactly is difference between Dialog ad, Landing page ad and App wall ad.

  2. Secondly, is it wise to implement individual ads (Dialog/Landing/AppWall) on one activity or its better to go with the default SmartWall and let Airpush decide which ads to show and which don’t?

Ideas invited…

hi, I’ve been getting great results with Airpush SmartWall as I have posted and I believe I can help with both of your questions:

  1. Dialog Ad → its an interesting ad where a sort of alert box overlays over the app saying stuff like ’ Try a new free game?’ [OK] [Cancel] .
    Landing Page Ad → Airpush gives it a strange name, but to me it seems just like a Rich Media Ad :wink: Similar to Greystripe, etc.
    AppWall → you should know what this is since there are many alternatives available on the market…I have used AppBrain’s appwall for a while before switching to SmartWall, and it’s a great product as well but not nearly as high CPM’s.

  2. At first I tried calling the individual ads but I HIGHLY recommend against it, because you cannot predict what the fill rates and ecpm’s will be on a given subformat in the long term. When I switched to calling SmartWall rather than the individual formats, my eCPM rocketed from ~$4 to $7 - $10, and then for the past 4 days has been $13+. According to my account manager, when you let Airpush do the optimization for you it gives some important benefits:

    a) fill rate will be much higher, because for example at a given time there may not be an available AppWall advertiser in some random country, but there may be a Dialog Ad advertiser or Landing Page advertiser.

    b) ecpm will be much higher, because for example if you committed to only AppWall yet for a given request there is a Dialog Ad with higher ecpm, you will MISS OUT on that higher yielding Dialog Ad impression.

    c) user experience will be much better, because they don’t show AppWall or rich media unless there is a strong internet connection – this was honestly one of my biggest problems with AppBrain’s wall, it would serve an AppWall even if the user was on a slow connetion and that is a terrible user experience AND a waste of an impressoin. this point also relates to (b) above, because you get higher eCPM when they optimize the ads based on network speed.

    d) set yourself up for the future – as I posted here, my AM told me they are launching Video Ads soon which will be automatically incorporated into your app if you are using the general SmartWall rather than calling the individual subformats.

If we are using only smartwall (without push ads and icon ads), do we need to show Airpush Privacy Policy and Advertising Terms to end user?

I recently asked this to Airpush and supposedly they are launching a Smartwall-only version of their SDK which includes no EULA. I use push and icon ads so I don’t plan to use the SmartWall-only SDK but I want to be ready in case something happens with Google.

Thanks a lot gordonb. That’s some precious info right there :slight_smile:

Gordonb - Great detailed description of SmartWall Ads. Thanks a lot