Airpush sends more notifications than the allowed

Hello guys,

I use Airpush and have configured all my apps to receive 1 notification a day. However, many users were complaining about the number of notification ads they are receiving and I had many bad ratings because of this. I installed one of my apps and the users were right!! I receive 3 notification ads from airpush each day!! I already sent them a message and no answer yet… Did anyone have same experience??


If you wait for a while, I’m pretty sure some Airpush PR will come here and tell you it’s all due to an “error” that will be solved as soon as you contact him. :smiley:


This is odd if you have only set 1 notification a day. Currently which ad units do you have enabled? If you set 1 push ad a day then only 1 push ad should be seen by each user a day. This is the first time I have heard of this issue. Please provide me your account information and I will take a closer look.