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Airpush Push notifications

Just wondering, will the airpush push notifications work if the app is installed to external storage?
If no, then is there any workaround?

Do you mean for example if you include<android:installLocation=“preferExternal”> in the manifest?
If so I can confirm all ad types work when doing this. There are no effective difference made to how and app runs from where it is installed on a device to my knowledge.

Thanks, however when I look at the SDK reference. Below is what it says…

"Applications That Should NOT Install on External Storage

When the user enables USB mass storage to share files with their computer (or otherwise unmounts or removes the external storage), any application installed on the external storage and currently running is killed. The system effectively becomes unaware of the application until mass storage is disabled and the external storage is remounted on the device. Besides killing the application and making it unavailable to the user, this can break some types of applications in a more serious way. In order for your application to consistently behave as expected, you should not allow your application to be installed on the external storage if it uses any of the following features, due to the cited consequences when the external storage is unmounted:

Services: Your running Service will be killed and will not be restarted when external storage is remounted. You can, however, register for the ACTION_EXTERNAL_APPLICATIONS_AVAILABLE broadcast Intent, which will notify your application when applications installed on external storage have become available to the system again. At which time, you can restart your Service."

App Install Location | Android Developers

My apps don’t utilize the type of features listed on that page typically, including Services, so it doesn’t make much difference on my end :slight_smile: