Airpush Problems !!!


when i integrated Airpush to my apps i faced two problems:

  1. my apps have slowed down and there is a shot black out of the screen when opening the app please see the vedio ( )

  2. Antivirus software like (Dr.Web Anti-virus Light) reported my apps that include Airpush SDK as a virus so my users give me a bad reviews with low rating.

Is anyone else facing the same problems with Airpush ?

Ad.1 put your airpush code, mostly for icon loading to another thread, some asynctask

Ad.2 Everyone have this problem and you can’t do anything. Even ad networks contacted with doctor web, kaspersky or avast and they have it in their ass. They are earning money from detecting ad networks and calling it “virus”. Maybe even admob pays for it, I don’t know. It’s good that this antivirus aren’t very popular, maybe 50-100 mln of 1 mld android users have it. I have solution for bad raiting but it’s not meet google rules. Put alert dialog with text “Give 5 stars or close app”, yes>(go market) and no > finish(); Most users will give you 5 stars. After some 1000 x 5 stars, disable dialog and all is ok :wink:

Leadbolt, Airpush, Senddroid, Startapp and many, many ad networks what have more ad units that banners are detected in these stupid antiviruses :confused:

Solution can be found only if Airpush, Leadbolt, SendDroid and others contact lawyers about this but guess what they do not care for developers. How I know that they do not care? I know because these virus companies false reporting viruses for years and they will continue.

Solution is to avoid these networks that is the only thing that you can do.

Thanks for your solutions .

Could you give me Tutorial for asynctask to start Airpush?

Yes you are right. They never care about developers.

But if we avoid that networks how we can make money is there any alternative methods?

Hey guys,

Why don’t we put a dialog in all of our applications with a text like this:

“WARNING: You have an antivirus installed which is known to degrade battery life, report false positives, and spy you while you are using your phone…”

I’m sick of all those “antivirus” companies, they are trying to make money out of us, so let’s declare the war to them.

Ah come on. Antivirus apps are designed exactly for that - to warn users of virus/malware/adware apps. And any app using notfication and/or search icon ads can be considered exactly that - adware. If you were on Windows and installed some app that later would cause random ads to be shown to you even if you don’t use this app would you complain about antivirus program flagging that?

Come on ? That could be the case before the new Google Policy, but now all major ad networks enforce the opt-in dialog for notification and icon ads. If an user cleary accepts to receive notification ads in exchange for using your app, I don’t see how that can be considered spam.

That doesn’t change a thing. As long as users are using anti-virus apps to protect them against ad-ware it is doing its job by marking those apps as such. Ad-ware is still ad-ware even if behind EULA that no one is going to read.

While they are required not everyone has is up to the new Policy yet. I installed an app yesterday and it installed an icon to my home screen and it never asked me to opt-in for anything. Also if I get a single notification ad I uninstall the app causing it. So the anti-virus is doing exactly what I want it to do.

I agree with Konja and Max. AirPush does things (shows ads) outside of the application, while the application is not being used. This could potentially be dangerous and so the user should be warned.

Also, contacting a lawyer wouldn’t solve anything as the antivirus companies are not doing anything wrong…

Solution is one but unsupported and may cause bans from ad networks. Make clean project, mount airpush and make library from it, compile to .jar and run it from library. For example, can put airpush start to method.

Antivirus can scan only manifest files and find sdk in package. Last time when airpush changed sdk to autogenerated (looks that they are fighting with stupid antiviruses), antiviruses was blind on it. But they can recognise manifest code. I know about this mechanism because I made one antivirus half year ago, it’s unpublished now.

Attention: bootreceiver may not work because in new airpush SDK it’s included to library

I am really fed up with these Dr. Web guys. In my app, I am NOT using push notifications or icon ads just rich content unlockers and app wall from Leadbolt but i still get users saying “Virus”, “Virus”. Even emailing them doesn’t help. They are really hindering the growth of apps with this crap.

Can you please make an app that will recognise Dr. Web anti-virus as “VIRUS”? :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all Dr. Web and others do not scan type of ad, after all it can not scan source code, it scan what ad network you are using. So if you are using any ad format from these companies Leadbolt, Airpush or Senddroid it register as virus. Yes, even if you just using banner ads from Leadbolt.

Antiviruses scans manifest file and package and looking for airpush code patterns in manifest or library in package. Antiviruses can’t scan .java files because security level(android have unix structure) is the same for scanned app and antivirus. They don’t care if you are using banner or notification because they can’t recognise what type of ad u are using. To get this they need system rights or even root. Mostly antiviruses have 10-50 mln or more download. How much they will have when need root? It’s simple, they are making money from cheating users :confused: They not do anything, viruses on android can’t exist in Google Play. When google find virus, they delete it and send information about package to antivirus makers … but, package don’t exist any more. Antiviruses have outdated databases, to make money they need to find something. Airpush is annoying? Let’s mark it!

Agreed - antivirus are becoming extremely annoying and in result my users are giving me horrible ratings. Down with antivirus apps!!

Yes me too , we can act as one man and report all problems to Airpush and other ad networks and Airpush will be responsable to solve all problems

And you think that Airpush and others are not familiar with this problem? This problem do not exist from yesterday and ad companies do nothing to solve it. They will take some steps when they start to losing money till then who care for developers. And again there is a bunch of shitty apps so there will be always a place for obstructive ads so ad companies do not need to be concerned for losing some developer here and there.

I’ll be completely honest and say that I have not heard from a single developer that they are being reported as Virus because of SendDroid’s SDK.

If any developer can show me that they’re being reported as VIRUS because of SendDroid’s SDK, then I can assure you that we will take some steps to fight them.

Just send me some proof.


Come on Chandler, is couple minutes for update antivirus apps(just add one simple string to packet analyzer) to recognise senddroid. It’s no problem. Senddroid is small, new and not important on advertisement market. Wait couple months and every antivirus will recognise your SDK. Sorry but your post is ignorance. I haven’t time to check every antivirus but If you want, download all and check every. It’s big chance that you will be reported. Haven’t also time but maybe will find half hour in next 2 days, I can make simple antivirus and send it to your skype. It will find all apps with senddroid.

All I need is evidence that SendDroid SDK is being detected as Virus by an anti-virus app. If you can provide me that proof, I’ll take it up with the Anti-Virus app.

If those apps are detecting Airpush/Leadbolt as Virus, then it is not my place to fight them.

Which is why I need proof that shows its SendDroid