Airpush payments delying a lot, anyone knows why?


I use Airpush network for more than one year, I receive monthly payments.
Usualy my payments are done on 27-28 of the months, but now nothing.

I did not received my payment for February 2014 until now… we are on 1st april 2014.

Yesterday I contacted support on live chat and they told me that the payment will be done until the end of 31 day.
I also oppened a ticket and no answer. I posted the ticket 21 hours ago and noone from Airpush didn`t manage to give me an answer.

Anyone knows what is happening?
You received your payments for February 2014?


I also did not get payment… Usually was 2-3 days before last day of month… But don’t worry, they always pay;)

They posted a reply to the tiket …

Monthly payment is delayed. Your earning till the month of February will be processed on April 7, 2014.

Kindly revert if you need any further assistance.

They are joking… they are delaying the payment for more than 1 week without any notification.

Anyone can recomend me a good and serious ad network, im thinking to eliminate the adds from airpush from my apps. Im suspicious with the new G Play policyes to.

There was notification on dashboard.

No, they asked me if I have any notification on the dashboard, and if not the payment should be done.
In my account was no notification like this.

Delay here too and no notifications…

Hi everyone,

There has been a notification on your dashboards for the delay in net 30 payments.

We sincerely apologize for the delay and inconvenience.

PM me if you have any other questions.

Airpush Nick

No Nick,
In my account was no notiffication trust me I`m not so dumb.

Here is the chat transcript from 31 March.

Nick Davies: Hi there

Catalin: hello

Nick Davies: Payments will be sent by the end of the day PST

Catalin: ok I`m waiting then

Catalin: thank you

Nick Davies: Wait

Nick Davies: Are you getting weekly payments or monthly payments

Catalin: monthly

Nick Davies: There was a not on the dashboard

Nick Davies: note

Nick Davies: have you been on your dashboard

Nick Davies: some developers may experience a delay

Catalin: I did not see any note like this

Nick Davies: have you logged in to your account?

Catalin: yes

Catalin:i`m loged in right now

Nick Davies: If you don’t see the note, then you should be paid by EOD

Nick Davies: if you do, then there is a temporary delay on some payments

Catalin: ok thank you

Nick Davies: No problem

Nick Davies: Do you have any other questions?

Catalin : have a nice day

Nick Davies: Thanks good bye

And now (10 minutes ago) … surprize … the notification magically apeared in my account :slight_smile: You are so …%$@##

It only shows sometimes, It shows in my dev console as well and I get weeklies of over $2k a week. I am also on the OLD weekly payment system so I get paid weekly regardless of amount in the past I have received weekly payment as low as $9.76

Me too. May be they are in trouble with finance?