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Are weekly payment airpush delayed? Because i dont got yet payment today?

they updated their payment system so it seems they miss the cutoff times on Friday now so should post in the bank on Monday, that’s what I am thinking.

Hi Musafir,

As we discussed in our Skype conversations. All developers are put on Net 30 payments by default, and have to receive at least 1 Net 30 payment from us before being switched to weekly payments if they are earning the required $300 or more a week, after having the account reviewed by us are switched to Weekly payments. You just signed up with us, and need to be patient to being switched to weekly payments.



Are payment for april proccess today at 31 may 2014? Please info here. Thx

It should be like this. But I didn’t get it till now

Hemmm payment has ben sent to my paypal

You will see wire transfer on Monday probably :slight_smile: