Airpush Payment For May

Is there anything that gets airpush payment in the month of May?
they previously delayed from the 30th June to 7 July now?

Not yet. Its still 7th tho. :slight_smile:

Everything should be fine tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

We do apologize for the delay.
All delayed net 7 and net 30 payments will be released today.


Already paid a few hours ago thanks

still waiting on mine though :frowning:

why my account not paid

Payments were released today and may take time to show in your account. @tamatea PM me your Airpush email address and I will look at your account.


im not getting paid from june 2014. dont know why?

Hi mywishper. I received your message to my account and have already replied. My team is investigating your account.



Hello Nick,
Why your Team Airpush banned me?
why do you always blame the developer. you just seek profit from the developer. how much profit you from scams like this? you eat all of the advantages of advertising traffic, but you still punish developers. This is not fair.

Hi Mywishper,

I have already responded to your PM.
Your account was closed because of suspicious fraudulent activity. I gave you an opportunity to provide easy to obtain stats from Google Play, but you instantly become defensive and called Airpush a scam, which only solidifies our initial concern. Posting here on the forum multiple times is not going to get your account back.