Airpush payment for december earning

Anyone recevied payment for december earning?
Please info this thread.

not yet…

I received payment last friday February 14 for December payment, however there was a very big discrepancy compared with what my actual earnings were and what they sent me was significantly less…I’m still waiting for this issue to be resolved by airpush support and finance, hopefully soon…

Not received

Dashboard shows that payment was released Friday 13 Feb, but today is Monday and still not received anything.

Payments have already been sent - Paypal should already be received and wire / ach takes a few days to show in your account.
@luckysam88 - I know this is being looked into already. @komandan - I personally banned your account due to blantent fraud activity - You are not Black Berry Messenger.
@IDimix - Paypal payments have already been sent out and wire / ach takes a few days to show in your account. Please PM me your accounts email address.


I’m using PayPal for Airpush payments but didn’t received anything yet…maybe tomorrow :confused:

Your assigned account manager Bill will be able to assist with your earnings.


Thank you, I just sent him a message.

AirpushNick, my dashboard says, that my payment will be sent on 20th February 2015. I see that other’s have already received their payment or their money has already been dispatched.

Hi there.

I reached out to your AM and let them know to be in contact with you.


still not received the Dec payment, normally it should be received by this time. please check

Please reach out to your assigned account manager. I responded to your PM.