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Airpush notification fill rate down by 50%

For the past two weeks, the fillrate of notification ads for all my apps is just about 50%… the revenue is down by almost the same %age too…
I have raised a ticket but have not got any response from them…

Anybody else experiencing the same??

Yes, I think we all have the same problem…

I have same issue too

My fill rate is around 60-70% and despite the growth of pushes my revenue is going down since my CPM is lower and lower every day.

same here. Active installs growing but my cpm is lower and lower. Nowadays my fillrate is in some cases at about 50%.:mad:

Hi Androidman,

can you PM your account info along with your ticket #. I will try to expedite and find out the issue regarding declined fillrate.

You know perfectly well that all accounts have the same “problem”, so please do not take us for stupid.

Thank you.

At least he is offering to look into the issue and is on this forum…not sticking up for them but look at Admob and Leadbolt…I can’t remember when the last time I saw one of their reps on here trying to resolve our issues. Just curious, where are you guys seeing fillrate? I don’t have that data on my dashboard.

i agree with the first point.

and i think everyone is calculating filtrate by Ad requested divided by impressions/pushes. i have about a 67% fillrate with 360k requests per week, which is not bad, definitely not great. my cmp is only 1$ which is a shame, airpush used to have much better cpm.

i have to same probleme my revenue is going down , 20 dollar to 5 dollar this two week since same pusher same ad requeste

revenue is a poor gauge of how airpush is doing. CPM is a much better way to evaluate revenue because userbase does not really effect CPM.

my push notification going down alos, banner ads up thou

Push going down since last week or so.

for example my cmp decrease from 0.8 - 0.6 to 0.4-0.3 in push notification this 3 week

well here is my cpm for only push notifcations from may 1st to today.

ap cpm.jpg

@haxxo Hmmm! You really want to submit a ticket for your issue. I will do that if I were you. There might be something going on. Just as an aside, some of my fellow devs with Airpush with low cpm from push seem to be quite happy with their banner and smartwall ad revenue. You might want to check it out.

i submitted a ticket, it basically said optional permissions are the only way to increase cpm. i am set to only use push notifications on user inactive for 6 days and only once each 2 days.

i think you got their standard reply. this is not customer care at all. what can we do?

I have the same problem and phil offered to look into it for me. That was a few months ago!! i can only assume Airpush cannot fill the adds in Thailand! today - 37%

yassin, are you sure you have same impressions number, 20 to 5 dollars is not normal variation at all.
Why don’t you add startapp also, there variations are in 2-3 percents at most :slight_smile: