Airpush new revenue

As advertised by AirPush that publishers earn 50X than AdMob and other advertising networks I wonder how much the publishers are earning per 1000 installs of their apps with airupush ads…

Is AirPush Compliant to new Google Policy and how much publishers are earning from AirPush now?

Any help?

for me my eCPM is slightly higher for airpush…
Although calling their smartWall sometimes takes the user directly to play store(with out user clicking any ad).I think this is a violation to google play policy…So I am using startAppWall instead of smartWall…

Honestly I don’t think any ad network can beat AdMob’s earnings(at least for me). The good thing with AirPush is that they offer weekly payments(if earned $200) and that you don’t need to be afraid of getting your account banned anytime(of course if you don’t do “black magic”).

However, for a multi-millionaire company(AirPush) they have some big issues that even the smaller companies don’t have. Here are just some of them(feel free to correct me or add more):

  1. Their SDK is considered as Intrusive Adware by many antivirus companies(AVG Antivirus for example). The common user does not know what exactly is Intrusive Adware so they think that it’s a virus, which obviously leads to a high uninstall rate.

  2. As mentioned above the Smartwall(but exactly the Landing Page Ads type) sends the user to the Play Store without any action from him. This is of course a clear violation of Google’s policy. However I have to mention that this is valid only for the new “compliant” SDK, with the old sdk it works fine. Also besides that the Smartwall isn’t loading every time it’s gets called.

  3. Fill rate: for like 1 week there is a horrible fill rate for banners(30-50%). This might be due to some internal server issues or maybe advertisers are just dropping them. The worst thing is that we don’t get any update regarding it. They used to have amazing top-notch support, well it’s not anymore.

I still love AirPush and have it integrated in some of my apps(but not the main ones), it’s just I’m too lazy to update them with another network. Before the new Google policy the earnings were great(with push ads) even though the Intrusive Adware was present.

They were saying that there will be a new SDK that will have new ad formats and will resolve the antivirus issue, however so far there have been only promises for like 3 months, no actions, just a method to get their developers to wait for some miracle. Well it didn’t happened so far.

Hopefully we will see something big and great from them in the near future, otherwise I don’t understand how you can run a millionaire company when the developers are leaving you because of bad service.

^ agreeing with post above, if AirPush guys are reading this (and they are :slight_smile: please let us know when we can expect the new ad formats SDK + smartwall delay fixed

Hey All,

Yes we are 100% Google Compliant, we also have a Universal SDK for apps that are published on 3rd part markets (allowing you to still utilize push and icon). We will be releasing some new SDKs in the very near future which I’m extremely excited about. The new SDK will NOT be flagged as intrusive adware. Stay tuned for more info!


What you should definitely do:

  • remove requirement for DEV_ID from manifest (APP_ID is already unique)
  • allow to create SDK with randomly created package name (unique for every app)
  • remove from manifest as much unnecessary data as possible
  • advanced feature: random names for activities like SmartwallActivity or VideoActivity … those should also be generated in SDK creation tool on web …

Yes - exactly. It will be the best solutions for people who had already banned account. +1 !