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Airpush new AirSDK

I just received an email from Airpush saying that they will release the new Google compliant SDK on Friday, September 20th and that they will release more updates in the following weeks with the new ad formats. Finally I can updated my apps.

Developer Update 9-19-13

I do not know what to think … sounds good … your opinions?

I will wait till re-implement their smartwall, I read some developer complaining that his app was banned because the smartwall…

At least we now know that push notifications won’t stop after the deadline and ppl who do not update the app will keep receiving them…

Could explain that problem had to SmartWall? where they had located?

Most likely upon exit of the app. Sometimes it can take a few seconds to load the ad, and by then it can seem like the ad is totally separate from your app.

Really, just for that can they ban you?

Hi Guys,

You can always install our SDK with AirPush’s. I hope that developers will continue to earn money for their creativity and hard work.

I’d generally be interested, but I have been using Airpush banners recently and sometimes they wouldn’t even show up at all. (there was a thread somewhere around here about it) Maybe this new SDK is more refined, but I’ll wait until their supposedly high-paying beta ads are out of the bag before I try them again. (Incidentally, I signed up for their beta test, but never got any information about it)

Well, based on the new policy yes. Any ad that appears outside of the app either has to lead back to the app itself or has to be a feature of that app.
You won’t necessarily be banned of course, as tons of apps break the rules and never get banned.

i just got the email. for me, there is nothing new other than the video ads(at the moment). also i suspect whether this Advanced Overlays(formerly dialog ads) comply with Google TOS.

Only thing i do care is the loading speed of the ads. if anyone test this SDK, please let us know the ad performance.

i removed push ads and integrated smartwall(old SDK). there is no way to use smartwall on exit. even if i call them at lunch, sometimes smartwall shows outside the app. this is a serious issue for me as this could effect for the revenue and my apps could get banned because of this. there are plenty of alternatives for the smartwall so if AirPush didin’t address this issue ASAP, they will lose developers.

Download the SDK, install it on your app, push a release to the iOS app store and Android marketplace.

Don’t know whats going on with Airpush. However, their banners never ***king appear in my apps. I do see some stats but while testing i dont see jack. I have to then look at logs and what not. Its always server error, no banners ads found or some crap.

How the hell are we supposed to know if its working?

is this already available for download?

They said today (friday). I did not see anything yet

yup me too…
but today is saturday already here, 06:00 AM :confused:

Still Friday 7:30 in Canada. I hope they are not waiting till last min of Friday on earth to release. Something telling me it is going to be very buggy


so will you wait? or use temporary solution first until they release “proper” SDK??
i haven’t update 20++ of my apps, they still use push, icon, and search SDK until now --"
it’s really risky to wait anymore

Been thinking about that all month. What I did (since last week) was disable the push and icon ads from the portal. I already integrated some with other networks. But I will wait for tomorrow on the other. At least the push and icon are offf

okay then i’ll reupdate it all with only starapp, and remove my tapcontext, since it’s dangerous, said another thread, and the income isn’t that great either.
i believe more to airpush than tapcontext, since i have used it for month

*i’m tired with this update thing, just want to spend my time playing my 3DS on weekend --" *