Airpush is Scam!!!!

Airpush banned my account frequently but after I proved my traffic, they set it normal again and said that it 's valid

And now, They banned me again. Really? Near Payment date!!! I proved again and they said that it’s invalid without evidences!!! How can I accept that?

I reach out them via Skype. They always promise that they will solve my problem. However, after that, they ignored me and didn’t reply me anymore:mad:

My traffic
They ignore me!!!

Bill said that someone will reach out me but not. Then I ask him and he ignored me…

Try to avoid airpush…they are always do like this… I stopped using airpush a longtime ago…Sorry for you…

Me too. Please explain @airpush @Kristy . They will ban your account nearly payment day!

Airpush is fine in the past but not now.

is been scam now a days

They encouraged us to play, almost to the day of payment accounts they locked me

They answered me, but the probem hasn’t been solved. I will wait untill Monday:eek:

up Airpush is Scam

@chipdata who is your AM and publisher?

@Airpush Kristy I just locked account, Airpush locked out for no reason ,

@Airpush Kristy
Dear Airpush support team!
I’m Yumi, one of publisher Airpush network.
More than one week ago, i received email, my account has been suspended and need contact with Airpush support team.
After that i send email to Christian Cadeo and Namrata , but i don’t receive any email reply
I don’t known what happen with my account
Three months ago, i read one advertisement from forum develop network about Airpush
So i decide join and become one of publisher Airpush network.
I used my knowledge about advertisement and use my site to advertise for Airpush.
Also i used my money get traffic to my site from another network : Mobvista , Appnext, Google Adword, Seo, Send inbox, Send email …
I had sent some pictures about my site to email before, you can check again.
I’m work at home, i have baby, two months ago i received money from Airpush, after that i paid alot money for advertise, i don’t know why now Airpush suspended my account .
I can give you anything i do to get traffic to my site. My site always have real customers on site. If my traffic have problem, please give me some report , and i can send it to my networks and complain.
So i hope Airpush isn’t scam , if i lost all of my money, my family will be very uphill
Hope anybody can help me this time.
Thank you and waiting your reply.
My account email : [email protected]

I have problem , My money at october , When it payment ? @Airpush Kristy Email : [email protected] . APPID : 270974 . Thank you and waiting your reply.
support team : Bill Huynh - Airpush , Namrata Mishra . They do not explain satisfactorily to me

Why people keep using Airpush is behind me…

I also have problems like you so that bygsunflower ! airpush support block account for no reason! Especially close to the date of payment! While I run ads with invoice fb ads, spam fb, 2 fanpage like 200k, respectively highly interactive yet not crave Support airpush questions answered! Send email replies, then silence always skype Chat! Airpush you scam us dev stars but people make money for you! I have send Mishar support my traffic, invoice fb, recoding video google analytic ! So airpush proposal clarifies and open my account ! my account email [email protected] ! Hope anybody can help me this time.
Thank you and waiting your reply.

Same issue with you! They steal money from developer. :frowning:

If not answered satisfactorily, we will notify all forums telling people know, Airpush is deceptive , Airpush is Scam @Airpush Kristy

How much scam?

My AM is Rohit but he haven’t replied me…

Today 15/12/2015, the date of payment, locking my account does not give a satisfactory explanation