Airpush inApp sdk is flagged by AVG?

I am integrating Airpush inApp sdk (since no icon and no notifications) but I am getting virus notification from AVG. I thought the inappsdk is virus free. But it does not seem to be the case. Anyone with similar experience or am doing something wrong here?

This has been explored extensively, check this thread: Non-Intrusive Ad Network - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android

Bottom-line: AVG Antivirus flags Airpush in-app sdk as intrusive adware on some android version (not on all). So you can expect to get “virus alert” reviews and 1-star ratings from users.

Yes, I can confirm this as well - might change with Airpush “new Google Content Guidelines” compliant version of their SDK.

For one thing, Airpush will now no longer need to use the obfuscated SDK .jar file approach (since they will now no longer be doing something fishy or trying to befuddle the virus apps).

The secondary effect of all this - as suggested before - will be a considerable reduction in the value of “antivirus apps” on android - since most apps will become compliant, the utility will now be restricted to screening the occasional new app on Google Play. I suspect this Google change will damage the antivirus app companies FAR more than the ad networks (which will adapt).

AVG and other Anti virus runs their business with “Scare” tactics. They are very unlikely going to change their model even after notifications and icons are now history.

Unless airpush and other networks complain about their behaviour or sue them, it wont change. In the end, developers suffer. AVG continue to make money and airpush too, who cares about the developers?

Hmm. But I used the inappsdk in 2 apps. And I ran them on my device. One is flagged and the other is not!!
So that’s telling me that it is not device thingy. Something fishy, why would one flag and the other not on the same device?