Airpush for asia market

Im considering switching from admob to airpush for banners. I heard that airpush have bigger ecpm than admob for asia.
Right now i get .40 from admob with 100k imps/day. User came from non US country like India, China, Thailand, Brazil and Indonesia.

I wonder if anyone here experienced airpush in the above country? Whats your ecpm?

Hello @revata. You should give a try at Pollfish. Pollfish is a new monetization methods that delivers surveys instead of ads. Pollfish can be used along with any other ad network just to bring extra revenue to the developer. We are actively looking for devs with user base in China and Thailand mostly.

these days airpush has very bad fill rate, so I would not suggest you airpush. But anyway, I think 100k impressions are really nice, you can give a try for 2 days and see in practise

airpush dashboard stats mean close to nothing, they just put some numbers. unfortunately - check the other treads that people are getting their apps banned because of airpush new ad units