Airpush Fill Rate and Earning has a big drop today?

Today’s Fill Rate of push ads is 50%,which is much lower than normal. Who has the same experience?

Nothing much has happened. Statistics only stopped.

Same…It’s kinda lame and stupid…especially for us guy’s who are doing volume…I don’t like seeing my stats frozen…C’mon Airpush, Your owned by GoLiveMobile! Aren’t you? Why don’t you guy’s go spend some of those millions on a nice badass gangster platform that doesn’t lag, and buy some proper cloud servers or something…spend some cash…I understand it’s A LOT of data, but you can do better…the stats have frozen for the last 2 days in a row.

I mean your using the same platform from what 2 years ago? LOL C’mon guy’s…you’ve probably made a few M’s so far profit and you haven’t even bothered to upgrade the platform? what’s up with that.

Cause they don’t need to.

yeah…I don’t know… Mine updated recently but I still see a 60% fill rate. Still hope it’s just a stats issue :confused:

My fill rate and earnings has dropped too… We will see if it is a stats or no-stuff issue.

Same with me, yesterday’s fill rate 60%, number of new installs 1/2 of usual an income 1/2 from usual. I hope this is just incorrect stats

My stats just corrected, finally it was a stats issue.

Mine are still messed up…I don’t get it, For a company that brags about being #2 …They sure have a bugged out platform, Stop being so god damn greedy airpush …it actually makes you guy’s look bad, I don’t get how airpush even benefits from having such a bugged out platform. Seriously, Stop being so god damn greedy, it’s what WILL kill you guy’s in the end. Your owned by a massive parent company, Stop being so cheap.

You guy’s are lucky your not in the affiliate industry (Airpush) because if affiliates had bugged out stats, they’d be PISSED, and that’s why in the CPA industry, VERY VERY few companies have a bugged platform, because they understand how critical it is. It honestly sounds to me like this Mobile Industry needs some affiliate mixed in, Because it seems to me that even the ad network’s don’t even have it right.

Sounds to me like the mobile industry will and can learn A LOT from the affiliate side of the industry.

And for those who think a new platform costs a lot…sure it does, but to a company like AP a few hundred grand is nothing, and that’s how much a newer/better platform would cost, is about 2-3 weeks pay for airpush, Spend 200-300k on something solid that won’t be a POS in 2 weeks like the current one.