Airpush email about using Banner and Smartwall ads "Balanced way"

I recently received an email from an Airpush employee who always gets on my nerves, he talks like if he was someone and believed himself more than small developers using their ad network.

Anyways, this particular email was more of an automated one, or atleast its too generic to take something useful from it (again, it shows how important publishers are for companies like this). And it even has a threat “Failure to update will result to account interrumptions”.

This is the email:

And this is my reply:

As you can read in my reply, all my apps use both banner and smartwall ads in a balanced way. The only thing I can think of right now its that I only use Appwall type of smartwalls, because of the uncomplaint ads that always pass through the “strict” airpush review system.

Discussed in this thread:

Also I took the idea of using only Appwall from @DroidGenie

Have you recieved this kind of emails before?

Hi Jill,

I’m sorry to hear your concern. I have asked your assigned account manager to reach out and clarify on what needs to be enabled.