Airpush drop today!

Today my revenue drop a lot. Anyone with the same problem?

Same to me…

Issue will be fixed by tomorrow, smartwall ads not working properly. I have already contacted my account manager and they dev team is already on it.

my smartwall has CPM from $0.8 to $1 since 4/2013. Icon ads CPM has dropped to about $0.1. push ads CPM has dropped to about $0.06. That is huge drop.
What about yours? please share your CPM from last year till now.

Everyone is scared to get banned by google for promoting their apps using icon and push ads. That would explain the drop in ad revenue. Farewell airpush!

Toxic, Icon and push is long dead. Its something else. Yesterday’s smartwall revenue is massively down. That explains the screwup in revenue.

oops! wrong post.

Today still the same. But is not just the smartwall, banner as well. My impressions and cpm is dropping. Whats wrong?

New google policy is wrong, pal.

Hi Everyone,

We are checking to ensure that there are no reporting delays are issues.
It is the beginning of a new month and quarter, and there may have been adjustments to existing campaigns. We are reviewing the available campaigns and will make the necessary corrections.

Airpush Nick


Give us a proper answer not a politically correct answer. About time you fix these issues, its not minor as you very well know by now. Does it takes 3 working days to fix your 505 server errors? Have you lost all your advertisers on April 1?

Any previous issues (including 505 server errors, etc) should have been resolved. If you are still getting any, PM me and I will personally deal with it.

Our advertiser base has not changed, and is strong as ever. Campaign adjustments (after a new month and quarter) affected some publishers, but this was only temporary.

Airpush Nick

Nick, Does this have anything to do with March 31 new policy changes. I believe so coz most advertisers now can’t run those spammy system notification type ads which they were running day and night on airpush?

This would explain why your impressions are gone down by over 100% from april 1.

This has everything to do with google’s new policy update targeting developers.

We work with many agencies that use AirPush, LeadBolt, InMobi, etc and they pulled 90%+ of their advertising everywhere.

The new policy changes were not a factor in the temporary decrease. There was some temporary campaign adjustments, but these have been corrected and CPMs and impressions should have be at usual levels. Any “spammy” advertisers have already been banned and removed, so that should not be an issue.


Recently airpush banner has an error. It seem like it can not detect when there is no ads available and it just show up a blank region. I wonder if anyone have the same problem? But sometime it works normally and jump to NoAdsAvailable event, so I think it is belong to the backend, not the sdk, there should be some kinds of ad are making this problem

it seems smartwall is now fixed but banner are broken. What a circlejerk. Either way, revenues are still impacted by these every day errors. Banner impressions were down yesterday by over 60%.
Nick, when are you guys going to fix all these issues? are you guys going to release a new SDK or continue with the existing SDK with respect to the new google play changes?

We are continuing to promote our current SDks as we have deemed them and all of the ad units compliant.
Airpush Developer Update - 3-31-14

Are both of you having this banner issue? @T-7 PM me and I can help


I don’t received my payment weekly too… I look my dashboard payment next payment 04 - aprl 2014 yesterday.

Weekly payments has already been dispersed to all qualified publishers.