Airpush dopping this week!

My airpush revenue is dropping this week.
Anyone with the same problem?

There are not any issues with ad inventory this week. I will have your AM reach out.


everything ok for me this week, CPM actually increased last two days.

Hi Nick! I don’t want to start new thread, so I will ask here:
Were you thinking about possibility of changing dev’s jar library name? I want to change my library’s name… Now I have to create new account to get one. Any other option for this?

Hey mmmkkksss,

Unfortunately the only option would be to create a new account, as we can’t change it from our end as it is automatically created.

PM me if you have any other questions.


Airpush Nick

There is some kind of jar tool to change package names of jar files but forgot name of it as I never used it.