Airpush dashboard

So what’s up with it being crazy slow? Can’t be just me, can it?
Airpush moves so much money around, but can’t invest into faster code/servers?

I’m right there with you man. It’s almost impossible to check stats. It takes 10 minutes to log in and most of the time it fails. I open up their dashboard in 3-4 tabs sometimes to get it to load. It’s ridiculous.

I once worked on a server side software for things like that and it’s not always as easy as buying new hardware if the code base is old and shitty and tables have bad indexes and are too large to change. Although ad statistic should be easier to optimise than what I worked with. (I worked with my country’s medical databases - good code but insanely huge databases - and a large photo sharing site with very old and shitty code, especially the database structure was f’cked up).

thanks to us, i think airpush is a rich company. i don’t think it’s a big deal for them to use some new hardware or cloud. their dashboard is terrible, it takes too long to load and and sometimes shows wrong numbers.

Phil from Airpush said this in another thread

Hey All,

I just wanted to let you guys know that we have a completely overhauled portal coming very soon. This new portal will be lightning fast and have other great improvement for developers. I’m confident that you guys will really like the new improvements and features with our new portal. In the meantime we are debugging these complaints regarding higher than normal latency in the developer portal. I will update you guys once I have more information on launch date.


Looks like they’re getting their asses back in gear!

Sounds good. Hope they deliver.

I feel you’re pain but also keep in mind, there’s A LOT of freakin data being updated…Hell I highly doubt even some of the best cloud servers could keep up…I mean they have 100k devs and prob what 20% active? That’s a lot of data to be updating!