Airpush dashboard doesn't show bundle 2 SDK

I’m newbie,

i’ve registered in Airpush 2 days ago to monetize my 3rd party app which will not be on google play.

In download SDK page there is only 3 SDKs and not bundle2 sdk that i wanna use in my app.
here is my dashboard SDK download screenshot Untitled.jpg

so,Please help me How to download the Bundle2 SDK ?

and which is better SDK to monetize third party Apps Bundle2 or Universal??

Thanks before

You have to ask your acc manager to activate it for you.
I have new question for Airpush rep - if I will integrate bundle2 I will only get 0,05$ per user, but if user will install something from your ads I will not get extra money from it? It is only PPD, and not CPI from displayed ads?

Sorry I made a mistake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

thanks @mmmkkksss for the reply
airpush has very bad support. it’s been 2 days and still not get any reply.

finally integrated with Universal SDK.
will there be any changes in earnings as i’m not using bundle2 SDK?

Hey guys,

The bundle 2 needs to be enabled on your account. Shoot me a PM with your Airpush email address and I can enable it for you.

It only pays the pay per install rate at $0.05 world wide, which is the highest rate out there, at a $50 eCPM. You are getting a higher rate up front and do not have to worry about user life time value.

Airpush Nick

You mean pay per download I think…
So it does not metter how much ads I will show in bundle2? I’m showing some smartwalls, but if you only pays 0,05 and no metter how much ads i will show - i will delete it;)

It is paid 5 cents per new user that Installs your app, You also compete against other devs because they only pay per new unique user. So if User installs apps from dev a and Dev b then only dev a will be paid and not dev b. You must also enable all ads to be paid per new user install. There are over 2 million new phone activation’s each day so it is still profitable for 3rd party app markets. But in my experience if you have apps that users dont keep very long then use bundle2 if they apps that get used over and over again and again then use bundle1. Right now it is getting to the point where so many people using bundle2 right now that using bundle1 is pretty much even with bundle2 even on live wallpapers.

Like DroidGenie said its per new user install and agreement opt in world wide. I understand wanting earnings from display of ads but you are earning a higher amount up front, and don’t have to worry about user life time value from their install.


Now Thanks to the forum:)
Airpush Support team has not replied me yet on mail.:mad:

what you mean by word wide?? will it pay per install rate $0.05 if my App will be downloaded in country INDIA?

Thanks DroidGenie for the reply
i’m not using 360 banner ad in the App, so won’t i get paid per new installs??

For the Bundle 1 and 2 SDK, you need to include all of the included ad types in the SDK to be qualified for payments.
It does pay world wide in each country for new / unique user who installs your app and agree’s to the EULA (end user license agreement) page.
Shoot me a PM with any questions you sent to support and I can assist.