Airpush CPM rates drop?

Mine dropped significantly recently. Anyone else experience this?
I’m guessing it’s post-holidays slow down?

My cpm and earning has a big drop today!

Same here, HUGE drop in CPM. I’m hoping it’s a fluke!

same here. my earnings dropped about $40. i thought it’s only for me because some of my app downloads dropped. same happened in last month and i think i opened a thread here myself…

There is always a couple of days a month with an unusual drop, but CPM becomes regular next days.

CPM $32 today, earnings some thousands in a few hours, what’s going on?

same, this is insane im having $41 CPM today, not gonna lie, I like it especially when I only had sudden drops from time to time.

Don’t be so happy, guys… this high CPM will be adjusted probably soon…

Same here. This is nuts.

ya this drives nuts. 3 hours ago my earnings were thousands. now it’s getting low

Yeah it looks like they figured it out pretty quick and are fixing the problem. Rarely does it happen that a problem actually benefits the developers lol. Usually we just get shafted, it’s nice when the tables turn.

Damn I missed it or it never happened for me. But they wouldn’t have sprayed so much cash like that anyway. My rates are the same as yesterday as of now :frowning:

They have fixed mine now. It was fun while it lasted! I just wish we had actually got to keep that cash!

Yeah that was cool :slight_smile:

Nevermind (can’t delete posts from Tapatalk apparently).

Another thing is - for some reason, my installation stats on google dev. console are stuck on 6/1 stats… anyone have the same problem?