Airpush CPM problem

Airpush bundle 2 CPM was about $30 during May 30 to June 3. And it still not fixed yet. It is back to $60 from June 4. But, the “Add-on” COUNT since June 4 decreased by about 50 percent. Anybody have the same issue?

Hi AppDroid,

We are already aware of the previous data CPM for Bundle 2 and new add ons at the moment. Your assigned AM will be in contact.


Yeah same here but they should be fixing soon hopefully, it is still down a little bit even the past few days.

I hope the weekly payments are back soon for Bundle 2 , this NET30 sucks so bad

put it on the bright side, Bigger payments :slight_smile:

couldn’t agree more. bundle2 is the best for a small lwp developer like me.
just need to fixed the stat and cpm issue and all is good.

still considerably low stat today

CPM back to normal. But, the Add-on stat is still more than 50 percent less. What about yours?