Airpush Christmas Stealing

On December 25 my total downloads were more than 50% compared to the previous day, however Airpush gains not only have not gone up, have dropped, as the number of installations and the ad requests.

Equal yesterday 26th and today we’ll see.

Is completely false and unexplained data.

Airpush has never been clear, but this seems too exaggerating.

So Phill, or whoever airpush, could you explain that “error” is happening?

Anyone else noticed this?


I also saw no increase over the Christmas compared to seeing triple with other app companies.

Not only this but they have disabled weekly payments AGAIN without telling anyone. Of all the times to do it they decided the christmas period when people need money most. Absolutely disgusting, I was originally quite happy with them but to be honest after all this crap I definitely would not recommend.

I did almost exactly double the amount of impressions of a normal day, with 30% lower CPM on Christmas day…I don’t really even bother logging into it anymore anyway because my CPM seems to hover around $0.32…I normally make about $50 a day from airpush and I made $18 on Christmas day somehow, the numbers don’t match up.

I can report only the drop of installs compared to google analytics. So far they ware about the same, but last two days diffrence between is 50%.

What is interesting, that for 19-Dec stats were very high. Then couple days ago they just multiplied them by 0,55 … and so they look more ‘normal’. I’m gonna use other networks for new apps instead of AirPush I think :frowning:

They moved my payment date from 27 december to 3 january…

It seems that they can adjust their data to an expected value. If the CPM is low, they will make impression a half and you will get double CPM, but the total revenue is unchanged. This already happened to me, there was a strange day that the revenue is double and the next days it’s back to normal. The only thing make me happy is their weekly payment. So far so good.

I think exactly the same, all data is invented, the dashboard is completely false, installs, impresions continue to fall, and it every day I have more downloads …

Now no longer show the fill rate, for embarrassment I guess.

This could be their hard time after Google changed its policy. Phil, We (the developer) are still with your network as long as you make all data accurately and transparency. We all need a long term relationship so we can help each other at the time like this.

airpush is a bunch of scumbags anyway, why would anyone use them.

I have received this response from [email protected]:


Unfortunately weekly payment is not open for all developers at this moment and it is on temporary hold. We will let you know once we restart our weekly program as earlier.

You will now receive your earnings under ‘NET30’ schedule.

Kindly revert if you need any further assistance.

Best Regards,

You are right, the information of impressions and installs is false, but I continue with them for their weekly payments. But if now it’s disabled, I have not reasons to work with Airpush anymore.

Guys, no one is stealing anything.

Being an advertiser AND publisher, theres 2 sides of the story. - I’ve been an advertiser way longer then I’ve been a publisher

Advertiser side: it’s christmas, 100% chance that 95% of the advertisers are busy doing other shit instead of running their campaigns, (you guys act like advertisers are robots in india just pumping millions a year into a system 24/7/365 which is so far from the truth…these guys have LIVES too) yeah the “big” guys might run but when theres 100k+ apps EASILY and only <10 big spenders running, yeah things are spread a little thin.

A week before Xmas my stats increased greatly, the last 1.5 weeks they kinda suck, BUT keep in mind most advertisers are probably just getting back from their holidays,

you guys act like theres 1 guy running a trillion dollars a day through airpush, without realizing they probably have 1k+ advertisers and not all of them work 7 days a week, I mean i only run my campaigns on AP a few times a week, theres a TON of affiliates on airpush also running CPA offers, those affiliates WILL optimize their campaigns,

Have none of you guys seriously ever ran an advertiser campaign? That’s a real shame, because if you did you wouldn’t be *****ing as much.

Publisher side: you guys all act like you deserve “the best of the best” …truth is, none of us deserve jack shit actually, As for weeklies, Airpush just doesn’t want to be doing a billion wires EVERY week, I don’t blame them…have you guys ever sent a wire? it’s a pain in the ass, I think they NEED to set the weekly wire limit to 1k or so a week, because then it’s going to FORCE some of you to get you’re asses in gear and stop being so lazy.

Be lucky you guys aren’t in the CPA industry, you think airpush is dirty? I DARE you to go run a CPA campaign on any CPA network, I know for a FACT you’ll lose your ass in a heart beat and come back to apps.

I was making 0$ a DAY with apps this time last year, now I’m one of AP’s top publishers (theres many I’m sure), and no I don’t run spam crap apps. I just hustle like I’m still broke, I’ve probably lost more apps and accounts then all of you combined, but do you see me on the forums crying? Hell no, I just grind more

“Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that
So no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out
Keep your head up, and handle it”

What’s your excuse?

It’s nothing new that airpush fiddles with impressions… I guess that means airpush is fantastic on the other end (advertisers).

If they are not “spam crap apps”, why are they getting banned?

Jealously. There’s a lot in the app world, Developers are worse then 3 year old children when it comes to a competitor out doing them, Not all get deleted…but I’ve had a lot deleted over the last year for various reasons, usually a developer gets mad that I throw an app up and it starts doing good then they cry about it to google, I even had my apps (my 100% working photo apps) posted on “bad apps” on reddit, I laughed…these were apps with ZERO ads, worked 100%, looked great, and yet some fag decided to post them on reddit…The app industry needs to grow up a lot. Theres too many children in it (people in their teens and 20s) who act way to entitled. Like I said, 99% of the app devs on g-play and IOS wouldn’t last a week in the CPA industry, Yeah everyone wants that “big” app, but that big app comes in time after you’ve paid your dues, most guys think if they throw an app up they deserve top 10 on google play just because, i don’t even think like that, it’s the same with ad networks, everyone acts like they deserve these unrealistic CPMs, like i said…you guys need to venture off into the CPA mobile world and advertiser side, then you’ll get a better view on things.

Infact here,

Mobogenie, a big app in the CPA world right now

[WAP - Android Only] Mobogenie (DDL)- International
$ 0.22
$ 0.02

Pays 22 cents per install, has a EPC of 2 cents…Do you guys even realize how horrible 2cent EPC is? Yet theres guys running 100k+ installs a day to it, and you guys are freaking out over 30-50cent ECPMS???

This app install continues to dominate our network, as hitting 100k installs/day with this offer is the norm these days. I provided an updated list of the top revenue-producing countries to help with targeting.”

is what my AM sent to me from the CPA network

TOUCHé hhh

I don’t think I would’ve lasted 7 years now online if I was just a spammer :cool: besides there is 0 longevity in spam apps, I use to make them when I first started, the uninstall rate is horrendous 90%+…compared to 20-30% with real apps, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m in it for the long haul

From my experience, real apps have an uninstall rate of 50-70%, meaning the active downloads are about 30-50% of the total downloads.
I think these are real numbers for most devs.

correct, some apps such as a photo app seem to hold users more then say a MP3 downloader, with MP3 downloaders i see around 20-30% who keep it, where a photo app it’s usually 50-70