Airpush bundle 2 ecpm reduced ???

is anyone experiencing a fall in ecpm of bundle 2 ?
My ecpm went from 50 to around 5$.

same here…

Me too, I hope is just a bug and they’ll fix it soon

same here @AirpushNick would you please advise …

Welcome to the New Bundle2 Program I was told it was going to be 3 cent for USA and 1 Cent international but looks like they reduced even more to a half cent across the board. These rates are ridiculous As I Did some heavy testing with Bundle1 and Averaged 3-4 cent of ad revenue per AO1 addon on international traffic.

for only half a cent they better pay us for the ads too.

Also Thanks Airpush for sending out emails to all of us devs ahead of time letting us know of the change it was really nice of you. Give us devs plenty of time to make changes.

Those rates are ridiculous!!! airpush better improve these rates!!!


3 cent USA 0.005 International


Welcome to Corporate America Boys

I’ve just opened a ticket, asking what’s happening with cpm. @DroidGenie, from where did you get that? If that’s correct, there is no point on using Bundle 2. Everybody will move to Bundle1… which surely will have new rates too.

Rates confirmed by both Nick and Bill my account manager

so yeah much shittier rates than bundle1, Hell even Appflood have better rates at $8.00 per 1000 installs and thats every install not just new user installs.

I will probably be using Admob/Startapp/Widdit now

We all need to send in support tickets with our frustration on the new rates being much lower than bundle1.

I was just notified that it’s the new rate
I’ve been using Bundle 2 for a year and a half and Airpush for 3 years, now with more than 2.5 million installs and over 200k dollars of revenue and with a constant 5000 to 10k daily installs.
I’m leaving for sure
Any suggestion for a new network ?

it is obvious that they are experiencing financial difficulties.they reduced revenues for april and may becouse some apps dont have all they changed bundle2 rates->0,05 its too much for them
You should be an idiot to use bundle2 with such rates, even appodeal usual ads will get more revenue and you will get your money quckly (not waiting 45 days for airpush payment)
“Best promising company”

Guys I have a idea why not we developers sign a petition and send it to improve their the rates. The Current rates are ridiculous and are hurting the developer’s income. If everyone agrees than I will create a new thread and fill up the petition over there.

I’m sure they made up their minds, it’s time to look for an alternative , but I really find this decision so stupid , losing millions of users with their invasive SDK just like that , because I’m sure no developer will accept these rates

Thats why i said we can sign petition it will really help!!

This is really bad, anyone tried the hummermobi? They pay up to 60 per 1000 installs. But I don’t know if is a good network.

Hey guys,

We have released a new email to our whole publisher base, and a new blog post highlighting our new upgrades.
Starting with improved reduction in false anti virus flagging and detection. Improved reporting and integration validation on your dashboard, and adjustments to bundled earning rates.
Check it out here - Developer Update
Please let your account manager know any questions.

Airpush Nick

With these new rates , it’s not really worth annoying our users with push notifications, icons and the invasive ads outside of the app.
Bundle 2 was good while it lasted, time to move on.

So it is time to say Goodbye Airpush , although it was the largest income source during my Android time

So guys , how many of you left the Bundle 2 program today ?