Airpush Bundle 1 vs Airpush Bundle 2 - Which one is more profitable in 3rdParty Store


Anyone have experience which one is more profitable for 3rd party app stores? Airpush Bundle 1 or Airpush bundle 2 sdk? Right now I am only using Airpush bundle 2 sdk for apps published in 3rd party stores and getting .05/install. This may seem ok, however I know that aside from the .05/install I won’t be getting any more income from any installs from the ads that they show in my apps (smartwall, 360 banners, push and icon ads outside the app). So this is only 1 time earnings of .05 plus this is only for users who don’t have any other apps with airpush bundle 2 in their android device yet. I am thinking of switching to airpush bundle 1. They offer less earnings for ppd (i’m not exactly sure how much, anybody know for sure?) But on top of that I will be earning revenue share from 360 banners and smartwall shown in the app, so this might be a better option because of the possibility of passive income from existing and new users aside from the ppd earnings, plus less intrusive ads since push and icon ads are not implemented so might get better user retention too in the long run.

What do you guys think? Is it a good/better option to update my apps in third party appstores with airpush bundle 1?

Hi LuckySam88.

The Bundle 1 SDK pays up to $0.04 per new USA user install and EULA opt in, and $0.002 world wide.
Maybe duplicate your existing apps or just create new ones using the Bundle 1 SDK and get earnings from both.

Airpush Nick

Thanks for the response @AirpushNick . I’ll think about it, anybody else have any experience or advice what is the best option? by the way @AirpushNick do you have any updates about my problem in my account where the installs were shaved off from january 5 - 17 to match earnings in payment history? I already submitted the report I downloaded from airpush last january 30 to show the correct downloads and earnings on those dates so I hope the issue can be resolved, thanks!

Hi @luckysam88,

Yes I am have already throughly explained your issue with your downloads to my team and I am waiting on feedback. Your download were not shaved off but some temporary issues with reporting as I have mentioned to you several times.

I really appreciate your patience.


Airpush Nick

I did a bundle1 test from bundle2 and both are about the same right now based on AO1 addons compared to AO2 at $0.05 I am getting on average $0.045 per accepted AO1 in ad revenue on Initial installs and downloads, so in the long run Bundle1 will pay more especially on Games. My testing was done using live wallpapers.

thanks for the input @DroidGenie . I will try airpush bundle 1 with new apps and if all goes well I will update old apps with it so there is chance for passive income in the long run for retained users. btw, did you notice any effect on app retention or percentage of uninstalls increasing or decresing from airpush bundle 1 vs airpush bundle 2?

it should be the same they hardly send notification ads now i only see maybe 2 notification ads a month, and the nike shoe icon ads the user wont have any idea what app it is coming from.

ok thanks @DroidGenie. And also @AirpushNick , thanks for helping me with the issues with my dashboard and earnings. Issue has been resolved now and as always, AirpushNick has been a great help :slight_smile: