Airpush app suspension!!! Bundle SDK 1.0!!!

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I also had StartApp in my app, but I was using only interstitials and not showing their EULA(no need to, because I wasn’t integrating their slideSearch), only Airpush’s EULA was showing. I know that their previous SDK was changing browser bookmarks if you integrate their SlideSearch, and my app had their previous SDK but not changing anything. So now I’m wondering if StartApp was the problem, google probably knows that their old SDK is problem and maybe they banned my app because of startApp’s .jar in my app. I can’t find any problem in google policies when user explicitly accept their info collection in advertising purposes, not changing the device, but anyway they dissmised my appeal.

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I face the same issues: my 11 apps which integrated Airpush Bundled1 are suspended this morning: 7 in first GPlay account, and 4 in second. I also received the similar email from Google.

@AirpushNick: could you please tell me what is problem with Airpush EULA?

and after 11 apps getting suspended (7 in one, 4 in another) are your GP accounts alive?

Hi Groidify,

Please PM me your Airpush account email and the app IDs.

We are aware of Google Plays issue with our EULA, and are working to resolve it ASAP.
No SDK update will be necessary.

Airpush Nick

It’s so strange but my GPlay account is still alive. I received the first warning email from Google 6 hours ago, and , so, I’m not sure if the termination email is late (?), or Google decide not to terminate my account?

OK, just PM you list of 11 app IDs.

happy to hear that, it is still alive. As they all had same issue, probably they counted it as 1 mistake, not 7 or 11.

Let me clarify:
I have 11 apps were suspended from 2 accounts (the first have 7 apps and second have 4 app).

But, in first account, I only receive 3 warning emails from Google with reason:

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the Ad Policy:

Interstitial ads may only be displayed inside of the app they came with. A prominent and accessible target must be made available to users in any interstitial ad so they may dismiss the ad without penalty or inadvertent click-through.

It should be 7 warning email instead. I don’t know why don’t receive 4 remaining warning emails.

And, in second account, I have 4 apps suspended but only receive 1 warning email with reason:

REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the System Interference provision of the Content Policy.

We have determined that your app or its ads request or requires the user to accept a user agreement containing features which violate our System interference policy.

Hey Everyone,

Just to follow up on this thread, we just released some newly updated SDKs that has helped stop apps from being banned.
The SDKs are available on your dashboard.
PM me if you have any questions or concerns.