Airpush And Leadbolt

I am using leadbolt for an year but today I realized that they are not paying me even a cent for many countries . Ex from pakistan i got 182 click without earning a cent.

I am using icon and push notification ads and avg cpm is below 0.5$. Now I am thing to swtch to airpush.Please guide me :frowning:

Can Anyone tell me that what will be the cpm for icon/notification for middle east countries or asian countries (airpush)?
and what is the avg cpm for icon/notification ads and avg epc (airpush)?

Middle east and Asia will be pretty low on any network, but Inmobi and Airpush have the strongest advertiser base in those regions (by far). And Admob pretty good for China (although it fluctuates). The smaller networks like Leadbolt and have small sales teams , not large global sales teams, so they do not do well for the Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries. For example I was at MWC in Barcelona this year, and Millenial Media / Airpush / InMobi had gigantic booths with dozens of representatives, and Airpush had a massive party with 500 other developers and advertisers. By comparison, Leadbolt and TapIt and other smaller guys had very small presence…a few people max.
So if you go to one of those trade shows like MWC, it’s very easy to see which of the networks are “real” companies with big sales teams and which ones are very small.
For U.S traffic I think any network can fill it well, but if you have a lot of international traffic you should stay away from smaller networks.