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Dear all,

can you share me about the SDK of Airpush? I found that There 3 SDK,

  1. Standard SDK
  2. Bundled SDK
  3. Universal SDK

Which one is good? and how to use them? What is the different? I am so confuse for this SDK

Thank you.

I know the bundle 1 SDK is for googleplay and pays average . The bundle 2 SDK is for all the other app stores and pays very good.

Hi Kosal,

  1. The standard SDK is for Google Play. With this you can use the individual ad types (our banners, 360 banners or smart wall).
  2. The Bundle SDK is also for Google Play. It includes all of our ad types as well as a pay per download ad type where you can earn up to $0.04 per new USA user install and EULA (end user license agreement). With this SDK, you need to use all of the avilable ad types.
  3. Universal is for 3rd party markets. It is not Google Play compliant since it contains push and icon ads, along with our banners, 360 and smart wall.

There is a comparison chart available in your account within the SDK download page.

PM me to chat further.



Dear NickAirpush,
i PM you my airpush id and all the payout problem but there are no feedback from them…

Hi Saraf,

I spoke with my team on your payment and I am investigating further. Will let you know when I receive feedback as soon as possible.