Airpush a "SCAM" please don't use their services.

was introduced to air pus by one of my friends initially ran a few campaigns did not do well tried sending them a couple of mails. The prompt reply came after almost 3 days. Made the necessary changes as per the so called TECH expert even thought i know for a fact he never understood what i was telling him. after than ran a CPV campaign CPV is set at 0.001 and guess what when i spend $13.10 I get 1,102 impressions. Send them mail its been 3 days and i am still waiting.

My first experience

Airpush shows me a 1473 clicks and GA shows me GA shows me just 3 or max 5. the airpush TECH expert told me its because of the targeting are you kidding

I had asked for a refund probably they want some free money and don’t want to give it back…