Airpush 50% Down and now stats frozen

My yesterday’s earnings are all screwed up with very weird eCPMs like 5-7 cents. Today all the stats are frozen and still showing 0 across the board.

Everyone else has same issue?

Me too, My revenue drop 2/3

Same here, yesterday 50 %, today frozen stats.

same here :frowning:

same here, yesterday cpm was almost 0, today frozen board.

Same here, its for everyone

Still Zero , this is very annoying

Hey everyone,

We apologize for the inconvenience. Our team is aware of the delays on the dashboard and is diligently working to resolve as quickly as possible.

Airpush Nick

What about CPM? Mine dropped from 0.30 to 0.09

The dahsboards stats are back now. But the stats from yesterday still the same, almost 0 ecpm e 3/4 of revenue.

5th May stats are still broken. Nick, when will you fix this?

its same for me, im forget airpush for this month and back to startapp

Some news Nick?

Pd: Please stop refers spam…

frozen again now

Hey Everyone,

We are aware of the stat and earning delays.
Our team is working around the clock to fix and resolve all delay issues.

We appreciate your patience.
contact your assigned account manager with any questions or concerns.



Or you just make them an average of the past few days. Not 60% :wink:

they are already fixed

Not fixed. Check your stats for 5th may. Still almost 50% down

Hey Appsg I have informed your AM about the errors on your account for May 5th and will have them investigate.


Revenue is down :frowning: