Airpush 5.0 vs Airpush 6.0 ecpm difference?

I’ve neglected to update Airpush 5.0 to 6.0 because of all the issues being reported.

Can those of you who have updated let us know how your ecpm has changed for each ad type (icon/push/smartwall) upon updating? Also let us know what your push and icon frequencies are.

Obviously there are other factors significantly affecting ecpm’s right now such as Airpush “reporting issues”, some advertisers pulling out, etc., but still it might help to know any data you might have


I guess 6.0 have better CPM, because it can push ad with image.

I updated to 6.0 about 10 days ago and when the reporting is working I was seeing an increase of around $.50 for push. I like their new revisions to push with their big image which really stands out in the notification tray. I don’t currently have icon enabled. Smartwall also seeing a small increase of around $.20 although as of yesterday it went down, hoping it will bounce back up. Their banner ads have been pretty solid too so far, I am seeing CPM of $1

Hope this helps

Is banner working for you? I’ve got a banner in one app and I can see it serves ads, but stats shows 0 impressions. In this app I did not use push/icon so I didn’t initialized the sdk.

Yeah my banner is working… Im guessing you aren’t seeing impressions due to their reporting error. First few days I didn’t see any data for it until they updated it. I can see impressions now…although looks like today hasn’t been updated yet.

show us the proof please that your banners are really registering impressions and income, calling bs on that, I can’t even get the smartwalls rich media ads to register impressions even though users have viewed thousands. there is no proof that anything other than 6.0’s push ads work, if you have proof otherwise please show us your screenshot. also, beware because even disabled smartwalls on 5.0 are still delivering ads:

Smartwall Disabled - 109 165 151.38% $2.60 $0.43