AirPush 360 banner

Anyone noticed that the 360 banner from AirPush just show the X button after 5 seconds? wtf? I’m sure this tricky things can get apps banned

what do you people think?


haha yes I seen that so many times. trick by airpush to get more clicks.
most of the times, full screen ads are for subscription of music service whose cost gets deducted from user’s phone calling balance.

Hey Brad,

The short delay on the close out button appearing is within a reasonable amount of time, and is clear and easy for users to close out. On the publisher dashboard, you have settings where you can adjust the ratio of abstract banners to regular 320x50s, and the delay of an abstract banner loading again after 1 has been closed.

If you have further concerns, please shoot me a PM or reach out to your assigned account manager.



Would be nice if airpush can comeout with an sdk for people who make games as the 360 ad units are very annoying for people who have games or play games closing it out only to have it cover half your screen in the middle of a game gets annoying to the User. I suggested this to Bill numerous times. We have to use all ad units now or we dont get paid.

you are talking about bundle 1 right?

Is the dashboard problematic today?
I have been trying to register a new app and it does not load. @AirpushNick

Haven’t heard anything today.
Try clearing your cache since they have been doing updates. Pm me if you still have issues.

Indeed seems it was my side only.

At least u got logged in I been having issues today trying to log in to check my stats for the week. I used to check 100 times a day but since bundle2 crash once a week.