Airpush - 2 vs 3 pushes per day

I have seen that airpush recommends 2 pushes per day for maximum revenue but I have also seen occasional popup messages encouraging me to switch to 3 per day.

Has anyone experimented with both of these and noticed a significant difference? Does 3 per day pay any less per push than 2?

More push time, more rate your app can be uninstall. With me 2 or 3 time not quite difference.

i think one a day is enough to piss people off. I would be scared of losing customers by allowing 2 or 3. Airpush will recommend more because they make money out of it.

I use only 1 push per day.

I always use 2 pushes a day i think its the most balanced option, but airpush keeps asking me to change to 3 pushes a day, no way 3 pushes are too much! never tried 1 push per day so no idea how it might difference there is

Even I use push ads myself, I instantly uninstall every app that pushes. No matter if 1, 2 or 3 pushes, it’s a binary desicion for me xD

One trick to get higher CTR using push ad. is to set a period of long hours before sending the first push after users install your apps.
then set a frequency of at most twice a day is smart. Don’t go too aggressive or it will bring your apps bad ratings and lose customers.
This is what a developers with good CTR using push told me yesterday…