Airpush $00 CPM for 36,956 impressions

After my earning boost to $300+ last month . Starting April my earning getting lower. from $8-$19 per day now i only got an average of $4-$6 per day, total for all Ad Type.
Why this happened?
$00 CPM for 36,956 impressions for Banner Ads.
$0.61 for 5,903 impressions for StartWall Ads.

How much do get in your banner ads in airpush?and also your CPM?

Hi there,

Please PM me your accounts email address so I can review and investigate further.


Airpush Nick

my 360 banner ad was getting $0.3 to $0.4 CPM daily last month but this month it is now only getting $0.02. :frowning:

Appwall was also getting a CPM of $1.x+ last month and this month is very sad CPM of around $0.4x

That is very huge drop buddy.

AirpushNick told me that they have campaign adjustment this month and I’m waiting for the recovery until the end of the month or at the start of next month. Hoping…

This.month startapp the same

pm sent Airpush neck. Thank in advance.

ahh… :frowning: very sad… I been moved to Airpush last Feb. Last month was good but starting the first day of this month all CPM goes down. :frowning:

same here. huge drop starting April 1st

Hey guys,

These dips are only from temporary adjustments in advertiser campaigns due to a new business quarter, and demand will improve shortly. We have multiple new campaigns coming down the pipeline, and we have some other very cool stuff happening soon.
PM me any specific questions.

Airpush Nick