After Upgrading old Pro Version to complete new app....


I´ve made an app a while ago. It is not the prettiest one, but it does it´s job quite well and the download numbers are okay for my self. I also made a Donate version, which was exactly the same one as free but without ads. After some feature requests which couldn´t be integrated in the old one, because it was crappy programmed just for purpose of quick functionality, I decided to build a complete new stable app with a new look.

I´ve replaced the donate app with this new app now. The downloads are good, just 5-10 a day but didn´t thought of that.

Now my actual question is, what should I do with the free version? Should I keep the old crappy one, so that the users see “oh I get a much nicer one with extra features for my money” or should I patch it too and just disable the new features?

The last variant would definetly bring me more downloads of the free version, on one side because of its look, on the other because I could update the store description with “…The Pro version also offers this features:…” which causes better tags, better ranking etc.Another point would be ads. The new app offers much more and more central places for ads, which would generate more clicks. The old one only makes 2$/month with 12000 downloads. But this variant would in my opinion maybe also prevent some users from buying the pro, because of the new-look-aspect.

Currently I´m also displaying a popup in my free version with image and market link of the pro.

What do you guys think about it and what would you do??

I would personally update/improve the free version too, and you can just disable some of the features you want to have only in the paid version.

I think this would also help when it comes to your users, and their experience with your app. Giving the fact that you will improve the free one, will probably give them even more reasons to upgrade. And there also is the description part, rankings, etc.

You could also try to translate the app, if you see that you have a good audience in a non-English speaking country.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you Maria :slight_smile:

I´m a litte bit afraid of causing the opposite effect. It would be impossible to go back to the old design without annoying the users.

Translations are in progress. I´m going to german and arabic now. Hard to say which translations are the best, maybe I´ll buy some more

In my opinion (but it`s just my opinion) if the new design is better and improved, the users will get used to it and even enjoy it more (this happened to me too, with some apps I am using - and I enjoy updates which are giving me a better user experience).
**if you have a good Facebook community maybe you can even create a poll to ask them… don’t know if this is the case but well, its an idea.

Maybe you can add a sort of a “pop-up message” when they start the app (that appears only once), to let them know that this is a new and improved version, as you are always trying to improve their experience in the app.

You can even mention this is the description, maybe.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Thank you, I´ll do it now =)