After a promote on an ad networks , What would be the best on rank

Hi ,
In your opinion , what do you think that’s would be better after a promote in order to get a high rank ( we talk here Just about Rank in a category of a country )

  1. A 400/500 (Current Install/Total Install) On a country
  2. A 90/1000 (Current Install/Total Install) On a country
    & proove ur answer talking about uninstall affection , importance or not importance of total installs :smiley:

I can sell you installs from every country and ratings. It will definately boost your app in rankings

-.- stop spam to get buys

What is “buys”? Please use normal english. I dont spam. I just wrote what is the best from my experience

i mean sells * , in this topic i’m not asking to get installs and you answer with something different than the topic to get a profit

Did you mean clients or buyers? It is hard to talk woth you… Realy

-.- ? ok don’t spam on my topic , bye

Just want to know what you want to say…lol

ok sorry maybe you don’t spam by this on other topics, but here i’m not asking to get installs from someone i’m asking about what is the best between 2 things