Adxmi's Blockbuster Offer:CM Locker’s (Cheetah Mobile) EXCLUSIVE Offer

Last week, Cheetah Mobile and Adxmi, Youmi’s overseas advertising platform, signed an in-depth strategic cooperation agreement that Adxmi became the exclusive platform in charge of CM Locker’s overseas advertising. In CM Locker’s first step of global promotion, they choose to cooperate with Adxmi.

With 190K+ App and 1500+ channels in partnership, Adxmi has established a huge traffic base for Cheetah Mobile’s promotion in the global market. Until now, Adxmi has realized a daily global distribution ability of 20W+ for single product.

It’s a golden opportunity to increase revenue for network and affiliate in partnership with Adxmi.

[li]CM Locker, produced by Cheetah Mobile, is the highest rated lockscreen product in Google Play. Such a quality product, along with its high-price and long-term promotion and exclusive offer definitely will bring high conversion rate and high revenue.[/li][li]Besides App Download, Adxmi also owns a variety of offers such as DDL, Subscription, Tools, Games, Anti-Virus. Adxmi team will provide meticulous services in Offer Selection Principle, Traffic Platform Selection, Banner Spy, Angel Planning, Material Producing as well as Advertising Setting, Data Analysis, A/B testing, Offer selection, Scale profiting to help affiliate easily make profit.[/li][/ul]

Mooooore importantly, Adxmi launches a series of bonus policies to express our thanks for all of our channel partners’ continued support!

As for Ad network, we organize a rebate activity and a recommendation-for-award activity. Contact [SIZE=4][email protected] if you want more information.

As for affiliate, we organize a rebate activity and a register-for-award activity. Click for details.

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