Advice on ads choice for my apps

Hi all,

Newbie here.
I am creating a finance related apps, which target US, west europe, China and South East Asia.
As a newbie, I only familiar with admob. heard about airpush,smaato,in mobi but saw some mix comments.
I plan to have

  1. banner
  2. native ads
  3. Interstitial ad when log off

I may consider admob mediation, but unsure which other ads company is good to sign up. Also, I am not sure if ad mob mediation is a smart move.
Would like to here from expert here.
Thanks guys

For an utility App I would use only FAN and AdMob (moPub too maybe).

How was the ecpm rate compare between this there? Is facebook paid higher than admob? heard admob rate is very low now
mopub i heard is late to make payment? true?

facebook pays more than admob but it’s have low fill rate

Use admob. other services have low fill rate, but admob has considerable fill rate but pays low. if you are using admob go for interstitial ads, banner ads are nuisance for user and i am not sure but admob pays only if a banner ad is clicked or banner ad cpm is very low.

I have used interstitial ad for my game :
Try it out, but if you are using interstitial ads keep it far and wide.

Fb and Admob have good fill rate and cmp > 3$ if your application have a good Ranks.

This actually depends on how big traffic you will have in your apps, and then how many impressions you will have.

  • So if there will be less that 1k impressions per day, regular ad network (chartboost, admob etc) is enough.
  • But if you become big enough, you should definitely switch to mediation platform (mopub, fyber, appodeal, supersonic, etc.)

As for me I’ve tried Fyber for not a long time, had troubles with payments and also they didn’t have interstitials at that time. Then was Mopub, which is very complicated to set^ it’s manual waterfalls.
Now I am in the integration process Appodeal. Their SDK provides access to all ad networks and mediations already, also to RTBs. We’ll see how good it will be for my apps. So far everything id good, Integration is very easy, i’m in touch with their support team 24/7, the guys are real cool. My friends with also mostly tier1 users were just amazed by growing their revenue with this mediation (for interstitial avg ecpm last month: around $4.7, fillrate is stable around 95%).

Regarding the ad types:
yeah you right, traditional banners and interstitials work good in such apps, that you are going to launch. Even though they are most annoying, those adtypes gives you highest APRDAU, this is fact
Native ads have good retention effect, eCPM is also fine, but APRDAU is usually not that big.

Cheers and good luck man!

@bkcollection - We are Airpush can provide you with a bunch of ad type options as well as attractive fills and CPMs. Lets connect to see if we can work together.

facebook pays more than admob but it’s have low fill rate

For an utility App I would use only FAN and AdMob (moPub too maybe).

Thanks guys.
I plan to use admob mediation, though I suspect they will be bias.
Due to I am using Ionic to build my app, there is a plugin for admob. So, I may put FAN and admob.
Plan to add Inmobi too, as backup.
Any mediation that is using server to server, so that I can add with a few line of code?

how many % airpush will take up?
I do not mine if it is SDKless and try together with admob mediation

honestly speaking, what is airpush fill rate in China