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Hi all! :slight_smile:

I have been using admob for a couple of months now, one of my apps is quite popular (it’s a reading app) , last month I had 87,662,202 requests and made $2k , the eCPM is pretty low (0.03)

I have been using airpush back when the app was launched but had to stop using it because of negative reviews (it generated a fairly good revenue though…), so right now I’m only using admob.

What good advertising networks are there, and which would suit my app best? (Most of my users are from US and other english-speaking countries)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Great succes of an app there, but $2k is very low.

You can try Airpush again, it will perform good, However why dont you use Start App, it pays per install, you can make amazing money with it :D.

The problem with airpush IMO is that most users hate push/notification ads, as I said before I got a lot of negative reviews because of that, now my app is rated 4.7 (around 3k reviews) I’m afraid airpush will negatively affect that, or what do you think?

If your app is very high quality and good app, stay away from push ads or any other aggressive ads. Because it is detected as thread/virus by mobile antivirus apps. Your ratings will go down and down. On the other hand you will not make impressive money with it. You should try in app walls, in app pop-up ads and etc…

My suggestion is use Airpush and Start App together in time periods (Like use them for 2 months, and do not use them for another 2 months). With 90M imppressions you can make more than $20-30,000 each month if you use aggressive ads, may be much more.

But what do you care about? High rate or you can earn much money? That 's what i think when start using Airpush. You can use Airpush but start with only 1 push per day for example or you can turn on only two week in a month.

Damn man, what does people read in your app?? It is almost 3 million request/day…
In my opinion, admob is the best in terms of banner ads. What I would do here, add interstitials (StartApp or Appbrain), and for sure AppWall wrapped in a button saying “Sponsors Apps/Games”… You would double your revenue at least.

Well, I want to achieve a balance, I do really care about what my users think, but of course… I care about the financial part too :slight_smile:

Sounds good, the app is based on user generated content, according to my observations having an app with a lot of content and pages provides the best revenue. :slight_smile:

Holy crap! You could be putting those impressions to much better use! eCPM of $0.03 is really, really bad.
I get an eCPM of $0.60 with Admob at the moment, with lots of different geo traffic.
Try using some mediation with other networks like AppBrain or Millennial Media to name a few; there are so many.
What refresh rate are you using? Myself and many others here find the best results lie between 45-120 seconds.
Where are your ads coming up? Try to get them to appear in places where there are natural breaks in the app and not away from the UI too, or no one will ever notice them properly.

any link to example apps( if u want yours to be in secret)? :wink:

If you can (your country is supported) add IAP to remove ads. If users read long texts in your app, they might want to get rid of the ads, it might get you some additional money.

The refresh rate is set to 30s, the banners are displayed just below the actionbar.
What do you think about airpush?
It’s a secret :slight_smile: @Magnesus
I have a paid version for that, do you think that IAP is worth considering then? :slight_smile:

In that case not. :slight_smile: Unless you can come up with very useful premium functions that are not essential (so users aren’t pissed off that they are locked) that people could unlock…

If you put the refresh rate up to 45s you should get a much better CTR, which in turn will give you a better trade-off on eCPM.
The theory behind it is that if a user is using your app they are more likely to see an ad that was displayed for longer amount of time than one that was displayed for a shorter amount of time.
In this way they are more likely to see the ad and therefore are more likely to click on it overall.
This increases your CTR (Click through rate), which should then increased the quality of your ads (better CTR = more conversions for advertisers = higher bids on your traffic).

Obviously you get a better eCPM from the higher click through rate per 1k impressions, but this alone doesn’t make a difference since you will end up showing less impressions. It’s the better CTR that will highten your eCPM further (over time even more so) and you should make considerably more.

Play around with the refresh rate over the next few days. Try a day on 45 seconds and then a day on 60s and then compare all three data types (1 day on your current 30s, 1 on 45s, 1 on 60s).
You really haven’t got much to lose!

I just set the refresh rate to 45, I will keep you posted, thank you! :slight_smile:

I don’t think it will make any difference. The eCPM will still be to low to change anything for advertisers and from my experience the change is not worth it (the CTR raise is lower than the change of refresh time). But I never went below 60s, so I’m mostly comparing 60s, 120s and no refresh (from this 60s gave the highest revenue in the long run).

There are a couple of things you need to consider and they will always outweigh eCPM in the long run. In fact, any seasoned developer here would know that eCPM promises that sound too good are just that, too good to be true.

That said, one of the things you need to always look for is - Stability. With Admob, I doubt you’d ever have to worry about that one. And so, you should continue with Admob as you’re currently doing.

Secondly, I’d highly recommend using their mediation layer and turning on various networks through Admob. As your users are mostly US and other English Speaking countries, make sure the networks you select are heavy lifters in those regions.

Thirdly, I’d recommend trying other ad units. Interstitials or AdWalls or even Alert Ads. There are quite a few networks out there that have that inventory.

As far as Push Ads & Icon Ads go, if you’re not using them and you have high ratings + good reviews, perhaps it would be a good idea to maintain that.

Lastly, look for payment terms. Go for the one with a good reputation and a comfortable payment cycle.

Just my two cent. :slight_smile:

Oh man, were you asleep !!! You let such a successful app run with just 0.03$ eCPM !! damn…

I can reccomend
1.You can use airpush in-app sdk…this will not get flagged as virus and is concentrated only on smartwall and banner…I dont think users will complain for one time adWall…
mind that their dashboard is messed right now…
2. startapp exit-ad sdk(no virus flag) or both exit-ad and PPD sdk…
3. Use appbrain offerwalls…

I think you can mak 100x your current revenue with any of the above…

If this is reading app it has low eCPM because users read for a long time. Nothing you can do about it. Startapp or push notifications would only made his usccesful app into an unsuccessful app. AplBrain is a good idea though it would probably not make much.

Nice sharing. Totally agree~