Advertising your app with Admob – any good results out there?

I just came across an article on PocketGamer (Punchbox on using AdMob to help generate 100 million downloads for Fishing Joy | news | PunchBox news |, saying that Chinese developer Punchbox is driving installs from Admob for as low as 10-50cents. Do you think these are actually feasible numbers?

I need to say that I tried running admob campaigns for my app. I’d say the result were very disappointing, e.g. for $300 budget basically got around 150 installs, so the effective price for install is ~$2 in my case.

Has anyone out there tried admob as an advertiser and what were your results?

When did you try it? It should cost you less nowadays (since mid December) since misclicks have gone down drastically. And it looks like advertisers aren’t paying too much more per click (yet).

Dan, thanks for the info. I tried it back in August-September, turned out to be a waste of money. Will give it another try now.

Tried running an admob campaign yesterday. Well, the results were not very good, nearly ~1 USD per install.

Impressions: 2,905,478
Clicks: 38,846
CTR: 1.34%
Cost: $388.46
Installs: 398

So, the effective CPI is $0.98, quite high compared to e.g. Appbrain or other Android networks. If you advertise with admob, can you please post your results here?

Also, the conversion rate (install/clicks) is 1%, just ridiculous. For example, on appbrain I got 20% CR. Looks as if Admob is still sending a lot of accidental clicks. In fact, I even tried clicking on other banners, some of them require me to confirm my click, some don’t. What do you think about this?

I’ve tried a few ad-mob campaigns and got similar results. One last year (before click confirm), I spent $360 got about 32k clicks and about 300 installs. I don’t think users are clicking the ads with the intention of downloading the app, and then all but 1% of them see the app’s page and description and decide not to download it. Your similar results confirm this. I think there is just mostly click fraud or accidental clicks for admob banners.

I ran one about a month ago when the click confirm feature was added to admob and the results were: spent $100, 524k impressions, 10k clicks and didn’t notice any jump in installs (maybe 100 installs at most). So it’s still not worth it to advertise with admob.

I use AppBrain campaigns now, they charge per install, not per click. Minimum cost per install is $0.20 but at least you are guaranteed the install. And I do notice a similar increase in installs on google play as AppBrain reports.

Have you guys tried to run campaigns with notification and/or icon ads? Does anyone know about CPI for those ad units?

Haven’t tried notifications or icon ads, I would think the click fraud and misclicks would be worse on the shadier side of advertising. Really wouldn’t even want my brand associated with them, as I don’t even use them to generate revenue. AppBrain so far has worked best for me.

I have to agree with you on Appbrain there. Really can’t fault them! Clean SDK that supports multiple languages, competitive rates, great analytics and they pay you at the end of said month and always on time!

Has anyone tried Admobs interstial ads? We have been invited by Google to use Admobs interstitial ads and we are now using them on an Android app released in China.

Will Admobs interstial ads load smoother and quicker than Revmobs interstials? Which one of them pays off best? Many say that Admob don’t pay off well, but I can’t find much info on how the interstials perform. Maybe they pay off better than Admobs other ad units.

I haven’t been invited yet, so can’t use them. I do use AdMob for mediating some of my interstitial ads with other companies though (like LeadBolt, Tapjoy, AppBrain, etc.)

You probably can’t find any info on how the interstitials perform simply because they’re invite only :slight_smile: I would expect interstitials to give you a higher eCPM than banner ads, because they’re a more engaging format. But at the same time, you’ll probably show them less frequently so it’ll depend on the performance for your app whether the trade-off is profitable or not.

I have now added Admobs interstials to the Android app and removed those from Revmob. I will get back with info on how it pays off.

eCPM is 10$ for our iPhone app, which has Revmob interstials. The eCPM for the Android version of that app is only 1$. It is the same with all of our 3 Android apps, which use Revmob interstials. Their eCPM is only about 1$. So it seems like Revmob pays off much better for iPhone.

I like Admobs interstials better than those from Revmob. Admobs interstials show different ads for each ad request, while Revmob keeps showing the same “Free app of the day”. The only difference for each ad request is the design of the background. Admobs interstials are more reliable, their ads show up every time so they seem to have a better fillrate. They are also adapted to where the user comes from, but Revmob seems to show the same “Free app of the day” ads for all countries.

Hi guys,

I’ve never tried AdMob or AppBrain, but I did use AppZoom’s free $50 and had great results (it propelled the downloads from 50/day to 300/day). But that was from the free campaign they give you if you sign up as a developer. I’ve wired another $50 from my own money and the results were really bad compared to the free campaigns. Anyway, they are now starting (13th of March) a pay-per-install advertising with many improvements so I’ll give it another try.

Home this helps.

eCPM for my Admob interstitial is 1,45$ after using it for a week. This is better than any of the Revmob interstitials, they have eCPM with 0,8$ to 0,95$ for 3 other apps. I am considering to replace all of these with Admobs interstitials.

eCPM for my iPhone Revmob interstitial is however 5,5$ now.

The eCPM for my Admob interstitial is rising. It is now 2,45$ after using it for 2 weeks. This is much better eCPM than the interstitials from other companies, which I have tried on Android. They are all 1$ eCPM or less. I have tried interstitials from Revmob, Appbrain, Applovin, Greystripe, Millenial and Jumptap. I am probably going to replace the interstitials from these companies with the Admob interstitials.

Can everybody use admob interstitials now? Some weeks ago I’ve researched and found out that they are only available to premium publishers?
How did you integrate them?


Only publishers invited by Google can use the Admob interstitials. This is how they are integrated:

The eCPM for my first Admob interstitial has increased to 3,97$ now, while the Revmob iPhone interstitial eCPM has dropped to 4,18$.

Silimar experience here. I tried Admob campaigns at the end of 2011. I spent thousands of dollars but failed to get many installs. It took about 2.5US dollars per install for my app at that time. Pretty expensive that’s why I don’t use admob anymore.
I hear that admob has different bidding prices in different countries and areas. Maybe that’s why the Chinese apps get installs at a pretty cheap cost:)

My experience with adMob wasn’t good.

Bellow my stats

Period: 2011/06/22 - 2013/04/07
Budget: $50
Impressions: 300,451
Clicks 5,001
CTR: 1.66%
Cost: $50
Average CPC: $0.01
Installs: 20
CPI (Cost Per Install): $2.50

Very expensive.

Anyone interested in promoting apps might find this blog with results of promoting an android app of a great value. The 20.000 dollars campaign involved 4 ad networks:

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